10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars

On your next luxury superyacht charter, enjoy midnight movies beneath the stars with your very own sundeck cinema. Nothing can beat the beautiful setting of MY Starfire’s open-air cinema allowing you to snuggle up under a soft cashmere blanket, breathe in the scent of salt water, and relish a truly unique cinema viewing experience. Classic films with superior sound and the pleasure of a backdrop made of moonlight bouncing off the open sea offers the ultimate environment for homemade caramel drizzled popcorn and a cheeky cocktail before bed.

Take a look at these top ten classic films for the perfect entertainment on board.

The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece paints a breathtaking and chilling picture of the Sicilian mafia and is best enjoyed off the shores of Italy when you can taste the zesty lemons perfuming the air. The landmark saga follows the tale of Don Corleone, the head of the family who wants to pass the reins to his son. Awe-inspiring cinematography and a score that will send shivers down your spine make this movie one of the greatest to grace the big screen.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars The Godfather

Star Wars

Epic, lavish, and comprising the best elements of Sci-Fi imaginable, watching Star Wars on the big screen is a fabulous experience. Let the wonder of another world whisk you away as you sit back under the expanse of space and let your imagination run wild.  A world famous cast, swashbuckling light sabers and intergalactic good vs. evil make this a movie to turn to, time and time again.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars Star Wars


Spark the fires of romance on your superyacht charter with a heart-breaking showing of the beloved Casablanca. The rich atmosphere, award-winning score and wartime espionage seamlessly blends to create an epic masterpiece. With memorable one liners ‘here’s looking at you kid’ to ingenious montages, it’s no wonder that Casablanca has carved a place in our hearts.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars Casablanca

Gone with the Wind

Scarlet O Hara still continues to sweep us off our feet in this American historical drama set against a sultry southern background. The gorgeous pairing of Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, the musical motifs and the decadent costumes makes this a classic film to be admired and remembered. You will never want the tale to finish and with four hours of perfectly poised drama you can truly make a night of it.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars Gone with the Wind

Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino rewrote the rules when it came to Pulp Fiction, and the sheer ambition, phenomenal script and truly talented cast of actors makes this movie something else. Several stories entwine, the soundtrack will have the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, and the sharp colors prove that this is one of the greatest classic indie films of the century.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars Pulp Fiction

Citizen Cane

Truly sophisticated with editing techniques that brought innovation to the silver screen, Citizen Cane remains one of the best classic films in history. Orson Welles tells the troubled tale of the rise and fall of a big publishing tycoon using shadow and light to highlight the point to perfection. The simple, subtle story and the labor of love, sweat and tears make this a remarkable viewing experience for anyone who loves film.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars Citizen Cane

The Shawshank Redemption

A hard but softly endearing look at life behind bars and the two men who bond over the many years of incarceration, The Shawshank Redemption will have you reaching for the tissues in no time. This is a movie that doesn’t rely on special effects or grand action, only the simplicity of being human, a sublime narrative and heart wrenching performances.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars The Shawshank Redemption

Wizard of Oz

Follow the yellow brick road and let the splendor of myth and magic take you away with this child-friendly classic for the whole family. Sweet sing-along moments, memorable characters and the delightful storyline and performance by Judy Garland have made this film a historical event that never fails to charm.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars Wizard of Oz

Notorious – Hitchcock

You know you are getting something special when you combine the brilliance of Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and Alfred Hitchcock. In this tale of secrets and suspense, a young woman is asked to spy on her father’s Nazi friends in the lush landscape of South America. This is said to be as close to perfection as Hitchcock got, and this alone makes it a bona fide classic.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars Notorious Hitchcock

2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick presented us with this unwavering Sci-Fi film that hypnotized a generation of silver screen lovers. Imperial, majestic and with many philosophical points that leave you breathless, this is a true testament to art and entertainment. The ambition is stretched to the breaking point, but Kubrick and his sublime vision certainly manages to achieve the seemingly impossible.

10 Classic Films for Movie Under the Stars 2001 A Space Odyssey

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