Anchoring Your Luxury Yacht at Saba Island

Beautiful luxury yachts deserve awe-inspiring destinations to drop anchor, and Saba Island with its rising green cloaked ridges, bubbling hot springs, volcanic sands and iridescent waters is sure to draw you in. MY Starfire captures the very essence of a luxury yacht with its sprawling sundeck, simmering hot tub, on deck cinema and masterly state rooms.

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With a dedicated crew and the world knowledge of Captain Sputh, your stay in Saba can show you the true majesty of nature from the bottom of the blazing blue sea to the top of the rugged mountains. Spend innocent days exploring the sweeping green hills, diving into azure waters and dining on delectable fresh seafood on the shores of Saba Island.

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Dive in at the Deep End

Surrounded by warm tropical waters teeming with life, it’s no wonder that Saba is a world-class destination for diving and snorkeling. The steep plunge of the coastline makes shore diving difficult but means that when discovering what lies beneath in Saba you are able to jump straight into the deep end.

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The Marine Park is home to an overwhelming array of brightly painted fish. You can find barracuda, lizard fish, angel fish, blue tangs and numerous sea turtles going about their business under the waves. Nothing compares to spending the day diving before climbing back on your luxury yacht to be greeted with a warm fluffy towel and a fresh fruit cocktail to sip in the sun.

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Discover Jurassic Park

Get out of the waters and into the jungle; Saba Island boasts a landscape inspired by Jurassic Park with its rainforest trails, blooming hibiscus, hummingbird songs and dense greenery at every turn. Mount Scenery is one of the highest peaks to climb and will take you on an incredible journey through massive tree ferns, prickly pear and even wild chickens running riot in the cool forests. The mahogany covered tip of Mount Scenery is usually shrouded in mist as it soars into the clouds but on clear days you can glimpse your luxury yacht drifting serenely in the expanse of blue.

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Boutique Shopping

The tiny island of Saba still manages to have a beautiful boutique shopping scene for those who want to take a hint of the exotic home with them. In the charming streets of Windwardside, you can find authentic Saba lace hand-woven by the local women.

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You can admire the soft beautiful hand printed fabrics and even pick up some cinnamon spiced island liquor. The Peanut Gallery is the only art museum on the island and you can peruse and even purchase the unique collection of prints and even the originals.

Divine Dining

Saba may be small but its sun soaked shores boast a bounty of beautiful seafood straight from the boat, thick cut tender steaks, bright island fruits, Caribbean spice and heady frozen drinks. Brigadoon is a divine place to linger over a long dinner in a 19th century home. With a live lobster tank and elegantly crafted sushi menu on Saturdays you can ignite your taste buds in the heart of Saba.

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Enjoy a divine dinner back on your luxury yacht as the private chef brings a world of flavor to your palate. Dining beneath the stars with incredible views of the twinkling island lights is the perfect end to a day in paradise.

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Saba Island brings a touch of Caribbean magic to your world, surrounded by pristine beauty you can lounge on the sundeck with a good book in hand, let the modern world melt away with an on board massage and explore the emerald coastal waters on the incredible superyacht tenders.

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