The Best Billionaire Playgrounds for Superyacht Charters

Playgrounds for the rich and famous bring together the essence of one-of-a-kind experiences combined with dream destinations and unrivaled ways to splash the cash in sheer style. From rolling the dice like James Bond in world class casinos to frolicking on the sands of Richard Branson’s private island, these private places for the one percent are steeped in silver service and perfect for rubbing shoulders with millionaire moguls and celebrities.

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MY Starfire is the ultimate superyacht charter that allows you to play on land as well as on the sea. Crafted by Benetti, adorned in sumptuous design and with its own open air cinema, massage room and superior sundeck for morning mimosas or St Tropez soirees, you can discover the prestigious billionaire playgrounds for superyacht charters in the most opulent way possible.

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Superyachts line up in the super sleek marina, the low rolling green mountains provide a perfect backdrop and gentle sea breezes mix with the scent of morning pastries. The Princes Palace gleams in regalia, the bright lights of the casino blaze after dark and everywhere you turn the super-rich are swerving vintage cars through the streets, strolling with designer shopping bags in hand or sit laughing and drinking martinis in the glazed French sun.

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Step from your superyacht and immerse yourself in the art of fine living, dine in Michelin star restaurants, throw dice at the infamous casino until the small hours and spend days soaking up the golden aura on the sundeck with glistening summer cocktails in hand.

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With its jewel like waters, high end properties and lack of paparazzi cluttering up the shores, Mustique is the ultimate billionaire playground. Basils Bar is the place to be and be seen and has long been welcoming royalty, Hollywood stars and business leaders of the world to dine in style.

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As soon as your superyacht glides into the plush port you will be wowed by the sweeping white beaches, the candy white villas and the abundance of beautiful people everywhere. There may be only one restaurant and one bar but with so many elite clients wandering around you can be sure of divine entertainment at one of the most exclusive islands on the world.

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St Tropez

Long has the glitzy shores of St Tropez been enticing jet-setters and yachters to the bliss of the French Riviera. Picture perfect in every way and with all the joie de vivre you could wish for, this is the place to pull up in your superyacht and spend endless days dipping in the waters, visiting world famous restaurants and shopping in style.

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Slip around the cobbled streets, sip pastis and remember the beauty of Bridgette Bardot.Despite its infamous name in the world of millionaires St Tropez somehow manages to retain its charm, you can still escape down solitary coastal paths and find small nooks where the elders sit and watch the world go by.

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The young and the restless flock to the mystical shores of Ibiza seeking ethereal sunsets, all night parties and the frivolity of youth. Yet for superyacht charters this is another jewel in the rough, lavish marinas welcome you for all the fun in the sun you could wish for.

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Take the Jet Ski out from MY Starfire and cruise around the hip coastline, sip cocktails at the startling Café Mamba and watch the sun spill her bountiful bright rays across the sea in a plethora of color, and then hit the hedonistic vibes of Ibiza Town for out of this world parties that seem to take you to another dimension. Kate Moss, Jade Jagger and other pretty young things are often seen soaking up the sun on the shores of Las Salinas and with MY Starfire you can join them.

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Necker Island

Richard Branson rents out his British Virgin Island hideaway to only a handful of guests at a time with a divine emphasis on making millionaire dreams come true. With no sign of the hungry press anywhere and the beautiful shores soaked in privacy this is said to be the island where you can do as you please – within reason.

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Rare white ruffled lemurs dart around outside, a gigantic hot tub steams away on the roof and everyone is out trying new thrills upon the decadent colored waters. Don’t be expecting butler service and refined style, this is a place where you can run wild, eat when you want, drink when you want, indulge in the best of barefoot luxury and hang out with Richard Branson on a daily basis.

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