The Best Cigars for your Superyacht Evening

Luxury yacht charters are an endless array of splashing in rich azure hues, tearing up the waves with a wild array of watersports, sipping cocktails at sunset, stepping ashore to explore some of the most prestigious coastal spots the world has to offer, and being pampered to perfection. After a glorious gourmet dinner onboard the deck of your luxury yacht charter, what better way to complement the end of another perfect day then by lighting up one of the best cigars money can buy. Whether you choose to fire up on the aft deck watching the stars glaze the night sky with a fine cognac in hand, or whether you want a puff or two in the bubbling bliss of the onboard hot tub, or whilst watching your favorite Hollywood classic on the big screen at the outdoor cinema, these luxury cigars are sure to be worthy of celebration.


MY-STARFIRE-BEst-Cigars-Black Dragon

Gurkha Black Dragon

From the exotic jungles and turquoise soaked coast of Honduras comes the impeccably hand crafted Gurkha Black Dragon. Already hailed as one of the most expensive and illustrious cigar brands in the world, the Black Dragon is thick and chewy and toothy and proud. The taste is all earth and warm spice and the body buttery smooth. They are certainly rare to get hold of but when you find the bone china chest inlaid with the elegant 52-inch ring sized cigars you are more than tempted to fire her up for a little taste. This is the best cigar to match that vintage cognac you have been saving the next time a superior sunset rolls around.



King of Denmark

Not just regal in name, the King of Denmark cigars are made to order ensuring that your cigar collection is as fresh as can be. The company only produce thirty cigars under the name of King of Denmark so they are truly a rare thing to have. Wrapped in glorious gold foil these secret blend cigars can even be flourished with a personalized crown in either gold, silver or cut from diamonds. This is one of those cigars that should be enjoyed in the steaming Jacuzzi aboard MY Starfire as you sail down the fjords of Norway gazing upon the snowy white peaks and the frozen waterfalls.



Mayan Sicars

Some things in this world are worth waiting for and for the Mayan Sicars it has been over six hundred years. Back in 2012 a team of archeologists discovered a collection of 800 pre Columbian cigars in a cave in deep Guatemala. This astonishing discovery makes these cigars the oldest and rarest known to man and for those cigar connoisseurs you will be glad to hear that they are even fit for human consumption. A single cigar may cost you a couple hundred thousand but they are certainly a party piece for your next luxury yacht charter soiree.



The Louixs is not the most expensive cigar in the repertoire but it is one of those easy smoking choices when you simply want to chew on something over a game of chess in the master stateroom of MY Starfire. At six inches long and soaked in a deep red hue this hand leafed cigar is clean on the palate offering a few notes of black cherry to keep you satiated in flavor. Another great thing about this cigar is the fact that it truly looks the part, making it the perfect after dinner accompaniment or the go to choice when you feel like lighting up something but don’t want to break into your special occasion stash.

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