Best Destinations to Photograph on a Superyacht Charter

Luxury yacht charters are your portal to the world, beautifully blending the art of pristine relaxation with the taste for pure adventure. This is a chance for savvy photographers to explore the world, to catch local life through the lens, to snap a plethora of wildlife shots, and to study the changing drama of the sunlight as it spills across the sea. Those who want to perfect their point and shoot skills with the ease and freedom of being able to glide from one glorious destination to another will love the endless possibilities a superyacht charter can deliver. My Starfire is one of those incredible yacht charters that blends the art of exploration with sumptuous comfort and heavenly luxury. Imagine waking early from the softest cloud like bed, taking the kayak or tender out to shoot whales and dolphins in the first slants of light. Imagine afternoons exploring the hidden jewels of Greece, the sleepy eyes of local shepherds propped up against an olive tree, the toothless smile of an Italian grandma chopping blood red tomatoes or the chance to catch the blazing colors of Caribbean carnival. As evening draws you can celebrate an incredibly creative day with a glowing glass of wine and a sumptuous inspired supper on the deck before curling up in front of your favorite movie or sinking into a bath of milk and honey. Take a look at these best destinations to capture when traversing the globe on a luxury yacht charter.

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From the snowy white bears of Svalbard to the lonely wooden farmhouses on the cliffs of Geiranger, the swirling golds and shimmering emeralds of the Aurora Borealis and the majestic beauty of the sweeping fjords, Norway is heaven sent for inspiration. As My Starfire glides down the tangle of green and blue fjords you can capture tumbling waterfalls hurled over the chasm of cliffs, you can watch eagles soaring, reindeer stampeding through the fallow lands, beluga whales fanning their tails and in the winter you can see a whirlwind of blue ice, silver mists and snow. Shooting these incredible sights, dining on fresh salmon caught from the cobalt blue depths, sipping thick stewed hot chocolate beneath the stars and slipping in and out of the sauna, this is the only way to discover the daring delights of Norway onboard your luxury yacht charter.

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The land of lavender filling the sky with a sweet fragrance, the bustle of the bright markets, the shutters closing on whitewashed cottages come the midday sun, the perfumed oasis of Grasse, the glorious coastline alive with pretty fishing boats, and the saffron castles of Avignon – these are all the images that paint the most perfect picture of Provence. Drop anchor on My Starfire at the gorgeous and vibrant port of Marseille, taste the finest heady crimson colored bouillabaisse, sip wine in the glowing sun, and use this melting pot port as your jumping off point for discovering the surrounding fields and wildflower meadows from the comfort of your luxury yacht. This is the perfect place for perfecting food and landscape photography. You can shoot ripe wheels of cheeses and rustic cured meats alongside bountiful vegetables in the markets, you can travel to Aix en Provence for 18th century chic, and you can glide along the glitzy French Riviera, taking photographs that capture the old Hollywood glamour of Brigitte Bardot’s favorite playground.

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All superyachts know the secret of Santorini, the place where the sun seems to melt like butter, setting the world on fire and filling every corner with color. For photographers Santorini is the Greek isle sent from the gods, the whitewashed buildings clinging to the cliffs, the ocean blue color of the rooftops, the dramatic blush of bougainvillea, and the luxury yachts leaving a trail across the balmy Mediterranean Sea. Santorini is a dreamy spot to drop anchor, to wander the rising and falling cobbled streets of Fira, to dine on bright Mezze platters and sip Ouzo, to buy handicrafts and to explore the rugged terrain of the coast. Of course the reason superyachts flock to these shores are to witness the wonder of the sunset, armed with your camera you can admire the starburst colors of red, gold, pink and orange from the midst of the azure sea, or you can climb the winding steps into the town and perch on one of the tables that seem to cling to the edge of the Island.

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Trinidad and Tobago
When the winter weather starts to stir it’s time to leave the photogenic shores of old Europe behind and head to the wonders of the Caribbean. For photographers who adore the burst of color, the tactile touch of feathers, the mesmerizing patterns of an exotic landscape and birds so bountiful in their brightness they could blind, then Trinidad and Tobago should be the next stop on your luxury yacht charter. In between endless days of swimming and snorkeling, sipping rum in the coconut shade, indulging in sublime spa treatments onboard and creeping through the forest cloaked hills and rainforests you can capture images that are incredibly striking. Those lucky enough to visit during Carnival will be bowled over by the elaborate costumes lovingly curated from feathers, sequins, and vivid dreams. There is sure to be music on the streets, parades, dancing, the beating of drums and an energy so electric you will see sparks fly from your lens as you snap away capturing the rare wonder of this lively island.

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