Best Ever Gifts for Superyachts

With the season of goodwill lingering on the horizon it may be time to turn your attention to the collecting of gifts to lavish on good friends. Those with super yachts can seem to have it all, the endless horizon of possibility, the freedom and grace to explore the world, the comfort and class of an emblematic status symbol, and the simple pleasures of sailing into the setting sun. With a luxury superyacht like MY Starfire you even have your own onboard cinema, spa, water toys galore, and private chef. What do you gift the person who seems to have the world at their fingertips? Fortunately in the world of the wealthy it seems that there are endless toys and joys to purchase and these gift ideas are sure to set you back but will dazzle everyone come Christmas morning.

Best Ever Gifts for Superyachts my starfire

World’s Most Expensive Hamper

Christmas hampers can bring a flush of joy to the receiver as it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Placed beneath the glittering tree onboard My Starfire you can be sure that as soon as a celebratory mimosa is in hand that someone will have the unrivalled pure pleasure of unpacking each and every precious item. For those who truly want to go far and beyond the worlds most expensive is on offer from the VeryFirstTo Company. A staggering eighty five thousand pounds it may cost but the beautiful selection includes golden Iranian caviar, a bottle of the official champagne chosen for Charles and Diana’s wedding back in 1981, a selection of gorgeous grade A white and black truffles, Versace champagne flutes, a bottle of Cognac Jules Robin 1789, the Spanish mystic status famed Joselito gran reserva ham, and dark and decadent Terre Bormane Vinegar almost a quarter of a century old. A truly impressive feat this hamper captures the feast for king’s element of Christmas aboard a superyacht.

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Deep Flight Super Falcon Submarine

For someone who gives a large part of their life to the salt tang breeze, the breath of the ocean, the heartbeat of the current and the pull of the waves, you can honor that commitment by gifting them something to complement their watery world. The Deep Flight Super Falcon Submarine brings the worlds of air and water together and helps you to discover the depths of the blue in a way you never thought possible. Submarines are said to be the must have superyacht toy of the moment, but the Super Falcon is more than a submarine, it also has wings, enabling you to actually fly beneath the waves. Starting at a cool and collected one and a half million dollars you can sink down to depths of 120 meters, you can cruise along at six knots, and you keep close hold of buoyancy in a way that makes you feel as though you really are flying. Give the gift of depth and discovery with this truly exciting stocking filler submarine.

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Venezia Elegance Tender

Beautiful tenders aren’t exactly ten a penny, many are used simply as a function to ferry super yacht charter guests from boat to shore. There are some beautiful tenders that captains cannot help but fall in love with, like My Starfire’s Hinckley Tender or the razzmatazz lovely little piece – the Venezia Elegance. This sublime boat has Italy and Lake Como splashed all over it, you can almost imagine Sofia Loren lounging on the sun pad all curves and mirrored sunglasses and style. The polished mahogany gleams like a mirror, the team swim platform invites you down into cool hues of blue, and the wraparound seating offers the perfect play environment for lounging with a crisp cold bottle of prosecco as you make your way to shore.

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Jewel Royale Chess Set

After spending a day cruising upon the high seas there can be nothing better than an after dinner cognac and classy game of chess. The Jewel Royale Chess Set is the world’s most expensive chess set coming in close to a cool ten million. It won’t be suited to everybody’s taste but those who fall head over heels with the board of solid gold and the pieces carved intricately from platinum, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and freshly plucked rare pearls will truly be struck by the exquisite elegance, wealth and wonder that comes with this evocative piece.

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