Best Hangover Cures on a Superyacht Charter

Partying and superyachts can sometimes go hand in hand, whether you are throwing dice and throwing back Martinis in the mega casino of Monaco, practicing your salsa and sipping coconut rum in the Caribbean or mingling with superstars and cracking open the champagne in Mykonos. Your summer days on MY Starfire can be glazed with snorkeling, water skiing, pampering onboard, and fine dining, yet for many when the cloak of night drapes across the world there is nothing better than hitting the closest port town for a wild night out filled with first-class fun.

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Those who are well-versed in the world of partying know how tricky the next morning can be and when are you are aboard MY Starfire all you want to do is to get back on your feet so you can splash and explore the land and the sea around you. Fortunately, a superyacht can be the best place to kick out your hangover and we let you know how to feel ship shape in no time.

Dive Straight In

When you wake feeling fuzzy the first thing you need to do is to clear your head. At home, this may mean splashing your face in cold water or jumping in the shower. Yet look around you, you are out in the pristine waters where the sunlight glints and dances on the surface. Waste no time in stripping down and stepping off the deck straight into the plumage of blue. Feeling the cool arms of the ocean, the salt lick your skin and the breath of fresh air is more than enough to cleanse you inside and out, helping you to feel reborn, and is perhaps one of the best hangover cures on a superyacht charter.

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A Fabulous Fruit Smoothie

When you have been filling your senses with liquor it can make your body crave fresh fruit to top up its vitamin take and to stay hydrated. Sitting on the blissful sundeck of MY Starfire ask one of the dedicated members of the crew to whip you up a fresh fruit smoothie to take you away from the edge. If you are in the Bahamas then you can sip mesmerizing zesty pineapple and sweet coconut concoctions, if you are in the Mediterranean then ruby red berries, orange blossom and the trickle of Sicilian lemons is sure to put you right. Of course those who are feeling the need to face the hair of the dog can always opt for a tall traditional Bloody Mary splashed with a hint of tabasco sauce for a fiery kick, a twist of black pepper, and a stick of celery.

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Detox in the Spa

MY Starfire is nothing short of a floating oasis and if you wake up feeling a little delicate you are sure to be glad of the onboard spa. For the ultimate detox session, you can enjoy a dedicated hot stone massage to soothe those aching dancefloor legs and to knead out all the knots and stresses. Ask the masseuse to use calming lavender oils, sweet patchouli, and other essential scents to revive all your senses. After a massage, you can slip into the steamy sauna room and let the heat sweat away all the toxins in your body. Finally, a dip in the bubbling Jacuzzi is enough to refresh and make you feel wonderful and ready for whatever the day holds next.

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Nibble on Fresh Seafood

After a night out partying it is essential to eat and with a creative chef aboard MY Starfire, you can bet that beautiful food is always on the menu. One of the best things you can eat when you have a hangover is fresh shellfish and seafood. Order up a dozen glistening oysters plucked from the bottom of the sea and splashed with hot sauce for a morning treat that will have you feeling full of strength in seconds. Those who simply cannot face oysters can take the gentler route and enjoy fresh smoked salmon, silver flashes of anchovies, thick seedy bread, fruits, whipped yoghurt and a number of other delights to nibble as you gaze out at the bounty of blue sea surrounding you.

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Linger in Bed

Finally if the night before was so fast and furious that you simply cannot face getting out of bed then you can simply linger a while. MY Starfire boasts sumptuous cabins which even on a good day can be hard to leave. Beneath the pale gauze of comfortable cotton sheets, you can bask in the warmth and the gentle ray of light illuminating the room in the softest manner. Bury your face into the sweetest pillows and stay a while in the world of dreams, as the day is truly your own.

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