The Best Mythological Spots in Greece for your Superyacht Story

Greek mythology is a bloody and beautiful tale full of rising mountains, the echo of siren songs, strong heroes, terrible and divine goddesses and more. From the ancient acropolis glazed by the sunset rays of Athens to the surf crashed shores of Cape Sounion where Poseidon’s temple crumbles into the sea, a superyacht adventure to the mythological spots in Greece can bring these tales of ancient mystery into the modern world.

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MY Starfire believes in curating journeys that showcases the rare delights of the world, from the second you step aboard you will be whisked away into a world where your every whim is catered for. From stepping off the deck into pristine blue waters every morning to sipping champagne on the polished deck beneath a blanket of stars, indulging in an onboard massage and dining on delectable Greek meze whipped up by your personal chef, these are the details that bring your superyacht story to life.

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Mount Olympus – The Gathering Place of the Gods

From a lonely beach shadowed by the great mountain you are sure to feel the tingle in your bones as you witness the gathering place of the gods. With its snowcapped peaks glistening in the morning sun, its dark storm clouds rolling and its golden aura of light that seems to hang like a halo around the peak it isn’t hard to understand why the ancient Greeks believed this was a place of great deity’s.

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Nothing can compare to sipping a gold flushed white wine as you gaze upon the mountain from the plush comfort of your superyacht before strolling through the swamplands of the ancient city of Dion nestled on the climbing slopes.

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Athens – The City of Temples and Tales

The jewel of all cities, Athens is the centerpiece when it comes to the woven fables of the old world. The city is a humid sprawl of ancient ruins and modern metropolis, decadent sub cultures, political strife and incredible dining. With a five star marina only a few kilometers away you can indulge in superyacht finery with swimming, snorkeling and soaking up the bliss before you hit the fascinating capital.

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The cool marble and timeless grace of Athena has forever been immortalized in the Parthenon on the Acropolis. The Temple of Hephaestus is another must see site for mythology buffs, especially as it is one of the most well preserved temples in the whole of Greece. When the evening stars start to shine there is no better way to end the day then with a platter of Greek meze watching the Acropolis softly illuminated and standing proud over Athens.

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Samos – The Island of Hera and Zeus

The honeymoon island of Hera and Zeus is cloaked in romance and this was the one place that Hera could keep the nymphs at bay. The balmy weather, the bright allure of the blue sea and the cool forests make it an idyllic superyacht retreat for sipping the famous sweet wines. Livadaki Beach is the perfect spot to drop anchor and swim in the lapping warm waters before taking a stroll through the dense shady trails where the honeyed scent of wildflowers blossoms in the afternoon sun.

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At the end of lazy days reading and feasting on MY Starfire you can slip into Samos Town to listen to Greek music spill from the friendly taverns that line the streets.

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Ithaca – Where Penelope Wove her Shroud

The luscious island is where Penelope wove her shroud and warded of the suitors ever desperate to take the place of Odysseus. Ithaca boasts a rich cultural heritage with turquoise sparkling waters, golden gazed arid mountains and olive groves adorning the clifftops.

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Waking up in your master suite, breakfasting on the aft deck and gazing off into white pebbled beaches fanned by lush greenery will soak you to the bone in tranquility. On those days when you want to explore there are plenty of small villages offering sidewalk cafes and taverns with picture perfect harbor views. Combining dramatic scenery with the memories of Homers tale is sure to keep you inspired when chartering the waters of cozy Ithaca.

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