Best Superyacht Sunsets in the Caribbean Sea

Imagine drifting across the sapphire and aquamarine waters of the Caribbean with a champagne cocktail in hand at sunset. Witnessing the colors, the aura, and the atmospheric beauty of a Caribbean sunset is something that will linger in your memory for years to come. When on board a luxury superyacht charter you can enjoy the best seats in the house.


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Captain Sputh captains the luxury Starfire superyacht and knows all the secret spots to show you the rare delight of a Caribbean sunset. Take a sneak preview at some of the most sought after spots to witness Mother Nature in her finest dress as the sun sinks.


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Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Whether you anchor your luxury superyacht offshore, light some candles, crack the champagne and immerse yourself in the splendor of the golden flaming sunset or perch on the beach to witness it, Seven Mile Beach is a spectacular spot. Couples will fall in love with the blissful secluded surroundings as the sky floods with flecks of lavender, orange and glittering gold and silver to make way for the rising moon.


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Meads Bay, Anguilla

Silky soft sands, exceptional blue hues and a slight sparkle rippling across the surface makes Meads Bay a tempting place to swing by. As the sun starts her descent, you can watch the flamingo pink hues and the coral spots transform the sky and bathe the white washed resorts in a rosy glow flecked with perfect pastels. Beauty has never been so decadent then when perched offshore in amazing Anguilla as the first stars start to blanket the sky.


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Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Dive off board into the warm and welcoming waters of Jost Van Dyke just as the sun starts to sink like a stone. This idyllic spot is a firm favorite for honeymooners or those who simply want to bask in the remote island charm that makes the British Virgin Islands so special. As you let the waters embrace you causing ripples to break the glassy surface you can watch the yellows, amethysts and blushing hues of an exotic sky.


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MooMba Beach, Aruba

The divine destination of MooMba beach is the perfect spot for watching the lights twinkle and the sky burst to life like a rainbow. Whether you choose to watch the show from the bliss of your on-board hot tub or whether you step ashore for signature drinks beneath the palms – you can indulge in decadence. Watching the sea glaze over and reflect the pastels of the sky makes for a picture perfect experience laced in romance.


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The Starfire is a sublime superyacht charter that offers guests the perfect environment to embrace luxury on the seas. With an open air cinema, plush suites, marble bathrooms and a personal chef ready to delight and inspire you can revel in prestige and excellence aboard the beautiful Starfire.

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