Bringing your Pet on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Domestic pets can be just as important as family and for some people, there would be no reason to leave their furry bundle of joy behind when the time came to sail away. One of the main pleasures about choosing to charter a luxury yacht is the fact that you can tailor every element to beautifully meet your needs. Whilst many major hotels and chic villas are likely to deny your pet being brought into their world, on a superyacht you can feel as though you are stepping into your own floating home. Bringing your pet onboard a luxury yacht charter can be a wonderful experience, the rewards of watching your golden retriever splash in the azure hues of the Caribbean, the pleasure of having your cat curled up on your lap as you sip and swirl vintage wines on the Italian Riviera, these are the moments that make precious memories. My Starfire believes in giving super yacht guests the gift of home to take across the world. From waking in the bliss of soft cotton sheets to laughing along with the crew as they pour you another glass of champagne, dining on your favorite brunch sent fresh from your personal chef and planning the journey you have been dreaming of. When bringing your pets along for the ride make sure you have considered the following factors for a smooth sail for all.


Bringing your Pet on a Luxury Yacht Charter 2

Meeting the Legality

From the lemon and rosemary laced shores of the Mediterranean to the blissful beaches and swaying palms of the Bahamas, wherever your luxury yacht charter may sail you need to make sure that your domestic pet is all set to enter foreign waters. Micro chips, vaccinations and passports are all essential for those traversing the world with their fluffy companion in tow. Don’t forget that each and every country will have a different set of rules as to what your pet needs to legally enter so always check the requirements before you drop anchor. The captain and crew of My Starfire should be able to help iron out the creases and to ensure that you know the rules of whatever dreamy destination you are heading for.


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Planning Practicality

There is always a practical element to consider when taking your pets away from the comfort and familiarity of home. Whilst luxury yacht charters can be a glorious environment; filled with treats and shade and pats on the head from friendly locals, endless water for cooling down, and exciting new walks that range from jungles to cliffs to beaches and sunlight flooded forests, there are still practical things to think about. It is worth considering that your pet may be miserable at sea, particularly if they suffer from motion sickness. It may be worth asking your vet for a remedy to combat this should the problem occur. You also should inform the captain and crew so you can work together to provide a place for your pet to use the bathroom, to ensure that safety is considered and the risks of your pet falling overboard are reduced. You and your pet can have an amazing adventure together on a luxury yacht charter but planning should be paramount.

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Packing your Pooches Case

Whilst you are likely to be bringing ball gowns, bikinis and espadrilles on your luxury yacht charter you should also think about packing a case for your furry friend. It is worth bringing those nesting home comforts that can provide a sense of nurturing familiarity amidst the wild scents that will be overloading your dog’s senses. You can bring your pets bedding, favorite soft fleecy blanket, selection of chew toys and regular food so not to cause a new stomach upset. Bring a harness for your dog and a leash, a harness is a good idea should your pooch fall overboard as a collar can easily slip from the neck. Finally bring a pet first aid kit or ask the captain or crew to assemble one for you prior to setting sail, vet care can be difficult to find in the midst of the big blue so having the essentials will give everyone that extra peace of mind.

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