Bucket List Adventures for Superyacht Charters

Living the high life doesn’t have to rest on the laurels of counting silver and gold, the true luxuries come with having the resources to quench your own unique thirst for travel and adventure. Bucket list travel is all about carpe diem, seizing the day and grabbing the bull by the horns. Superyacht charters and luxury boats already prise open the shell of spirited adventures. For many moons humans have been drawn to the ocean, its vast salty aura, its enchanting blue hues, its hidden depths and its promise of introductions to far flung and exotic lands. Even by chartering a superyacht you are already ticking one of life’s wondrous bucket list adventures off your list. My Starfire invites you to step onboard, to come out to play in earths greatest oceans, to snorkel across the surface, to dive down to the seabed, to sail and to open up the possibility of saying yes to some of the greatest adventures you could ever imagine.

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Sunrise Kayak
No moment will linger in your memory more than the moment you paddled out across the ocean for the very first time. Take one of My Starfire’s kayaks and before the sun has risen to her full mirage, when the morning still feels as if it is wrapped in the cellophane of dreams, you can kayak along the curves and crannies of the coast. Whether you are exploring the cypress tree and crumbling farmhouse islands of Greece or whether you are lost in the heart of the Bahamas, there is a certain serenity to being alone in a tapestry of blue, to the meditation of the oars rising and falling with a splash, and of watching the last stars of night burn out to make way for a cotton blue and candy sky. Its moments like these that truly capture the art of luxury superyacht living onboard a truly blissful luxury boat.

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All-night party in Ibiza
Those who feel the vibrancy of youth running through their veins will have long heard about the legendary Balearic party island of Ibiza. The White Island is a casual affair during the day, a place where you can dive from the deck of My Starfire into the loving arms of the Mediterranean, where you can dine on fresh fish and wander the hippy markets touching handcrafted treasures with a heavenly sigh. Yet Ibiza’s allure comes in the afterhours when the infamous clubs throw open their doors inviting hedonism to come out to play. Bucket list adventurers who dream of the ultimate all night party will be imbued with Ibiza, sip a few colorful cocktails on the deck of your superyacht before hitting the town for a night that will have you moving until the sun dares to rise the very next day.

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Tobago Carnival
The flash of crimson, the flouncing of feathers, the glitz and sparkle, and the beating of brilliant drums – the Tobago Carnival is a bucket list adventure you will hold like a dove to your heart. Trinidad and Tobago are quickly becoming the trendiest superyacht destination for intrepid charters, blending the bliss of blue and white palm studded beaches with the vibrancy of a roots culture, the scent of spiced stewed fish, the glug of gold red rum and the epic street parties that make Carnival on this tiny pint sized island a huge personality. Prepare for carnival onboard the luxury superyacht My Starfire with a hands on massage to limber you up, crack a bottle of champagne, nibble on local starburst fruit platters and get plenty of rest before the carnival storm swoops in to carry you away on a tide of costume color and thundering beats.

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Northern Lights
If there is only one item on your bucket list travel itinerary be sure to make it the ethereal splendor of the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis is a whisper in the dark, the swirl of space dancing above our heads, and the glitter of jewels reflecting off snow. Those who want to witness nature’s great event need to travel north on their luxury boat, to the tip of the Arctic Circle where nights are black like ink. My Starfire can take you winding through the ribbon like fjords of Norway, close to the places where the sky becomes a stage and the prisms of gold and emerald green the dancers. Imagine curled up on deck beneath a cashmere blanket, sipping a velvety crushed red wine or steaming cup of gloriously thick hot chocolate and watching the sky meld with the molten colors of silver and gold.

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Moonlit Swim
Can you say you have ever really lived until you have broken the mirror like surface of the sea beneath a milk glass moon? A moonlit swim is perhaps one of the most romantic bucket list adventures you can choose on a superyacht charter. Out in the midst of the deep blue sea, in a place where the waters are calm, and the sky is scattered with the remains of thousands of stars, you can let the Onyx colored waters embrace you. Plunging in to a sea that reflects and captures the light of the stars is the ultimate end to another ultimate day perfecting the art of luxury superyacht adventures.

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Captain Carl Sputh

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