Bucket List Adventures on a Superyacht: Top Ideas

There are those who dream and those who live and if you plan to have your bucket list adventures, on a superyacht, you can do both. Superyachts are the perfect way of seeing the world, of tapping into the delights of adventure, and of blending the art of discovery with the art of luxury. For many all that lingers in this world is a thirst for experience, because this is what makes us who we are. Traveling opens up the door to seek our real selves and to piece together the fragments of our whole wide world.

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MY Starfire encourages such journeys to neighboring ports and to far-flung lands. With Captain Sputh at the helm, every day can be a new adventure, one that soaks you to the bone and helps you to feel truly alive. Bespoke surroundings and a dedicated crew ease your passage, a private chef, and ever-changing gourmet menu fuel your body, and an onboard spa and outdoor cinema soothe your soul, so you can be ready to tackle your own bucket list adventures on a superyacht.

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Roll Dice in Monaco

For the ultimate superyacht experience, glide into the glitzy shores of Monaco and dabble in a night of gambling at the world famous casino. A day in Monaco immerses you in the playground of the rich and famous. Spend the morning soaking up the rays on the deck of MY Starfire with a champagne breakfast, the afternoon Jet Skiing around the famous coastline and hitting the highly fashionable designer stores, and under the twinkle of starlight hit the casino for a night of laughter, free flowing drinks, rolling dice and airs and graces.

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Climb the Baths in Virgin Gorda

The Virgin Gorda is a kaleidoscope playground of pure blue and a place you must see to believe. This heavenly kingdom boasts pristine beaches, swaying palms and shipwreck coves to ignite the stories of myth and fable. Do not sail away from the Virgin Gorda without visiting the baths, a place where beautiful granite boulders adorn the white sands, lagoons of turquoise pool in the rise and falls, and ladders and ropes allow you to explore these incredible gifts carved by the sea.

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Taste Bouillabaisse in Marseille

Away from the scent of riches along the French Riviera you will find another side to the French coast, one where the melting pot of cultures blends to make an incredible city called Marseille. After lingering on deck and trying your hand at watersports with the plethora of toys on My Starfire you are sure to have worked up an appetite and this is when you should turn to the regional dish of Bouillabaisse. The fish stew is simmered with lashings of flavor until it is a dreamy deep red color splashed with gold and brimming with chunks of fresh white fish.

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Kayak the Geirangerfjord

Norway’s fjords are a spectacular sight to behold and show off the true majesty of Mother Nature. Imagine sailing down the icy blue of the fjords with the rising green mountains, padding softly from the warm arms of the sauna into the steaming Jacuzzi as you watch a magical world pass by. On those nights when the sun refuses to set you can take a kayak from MY Starfire and paddle out to enjoy the glass like waters, the serenity of rising mountains, and the alluring sight of the golden sun still hovering on the horizon.

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Soak up the Spice Market in Istanbul

Istanbul is a bridge that seems to connect the familiarity of the west with the exotic of the east and this makes it a tale of two cities for superyachts stopping by. After sipping a fresh and fragrant mint tea in the glory of your aft deck, you can step into the city and visit the fragrant color of the spice market. Wandering the spice market, you will see powders of the purest gold, the deepest hues of red, and the brightest greens piled high in baskets. Touch, taste and breathe in deep to ignite all your senses in this special spot.

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Walk on Pink Sand on Harbor Island

The Caribbean is blessed with so much beauty that superyacht charters long to linger. MY Starfire can crack open a world of pure unbridled pleasure in the soft blue waters of the Caribbean. One of the must see places to dig your heels in the sand has to be on the pink beach of Harbor Island, here the sand is the color of a blushing rose which looks remarkable against the bright blue tide. Take a lobster and champagne picnic from MY Starfire and soak up the beauty.

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Wine and Dine in the Cinque Terre

Explore Italian favorites in the pretty stretch of coast that cradles the emblematic Cinque Terre. This string of glorious colorful villages is truly a special spot and an incredible place to wine and dine. MY Starfire can sail around the border of the emerald and pastel painted Cinque Terre where the locals lick gelato in Positano and shop for beautiful white linens. Step ashore and visit the charming restaurants in the nook of the tiny towns and taste fresh home cooked pasta tossed with local seafood and the sweetest golden wines.

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See the Sunset in Santorini

Santorini sunsets have made a sensational splash in the world of superyachts and are a must see experience before you depart this world. Aboard MY Starfire, you can choose a spot with startling views of the diamond white and sapphire blue town clinging to the sheer cliffs. Take the kayak or a Jet Ski and whisk yourself away to a solitary location where you have front row seats to the amber, crimson, and blood orange streaks that are soon to burn the sky.

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Captain Carl Sputh

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