What Can You Ask for on a Superyacht Charter?

One of the most charming aspects of exploring the world on a superyacht charter is the fact that you can help to curate your own environment. Whether you want to leave the shores of Monaco behind to seek a quiet spot or whether you feel like you want lobster for dinner instead of caviar, every second of your stay is planned to ensure that you have the experience of your dreams.

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MY Starfire is one of those superyachts that believes in delivering something special every time. As soon as you set foot on this magical yacht you are sure to feel right at home, sumptuous surroundings are seamlessly designed to be light and airy, the aft deck is beautifully planned so you can slip from the breakfast table into the bubbling Jacuzzi and then onto the plush white lounge area where you can kick back with a cocktail and a good book.

One of the breathtaking benefits of chartering a superyacht is the fact that your every whim and wish usually can be catered for. The guest is truly king on a superyacht charter and usually no demand is too big or too small. There have been rumors of guests demanding such things as a Steinway Grand Piano to be airlifted onboard, two tigers to be delivered for entertainment, several crates of specialist French tomatoes to be sent for, and famous bands to be booked, among other such requests.

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Help from the Crew

In short you can always ask for things on a superyacht charter as the world is truly your oyster, at times these requests won’t be possible due to health and safety and availability amongst other things. When considering requests it is also best to think about the crew and captain with a fondness and to remain fair. Whilst asking a member of crew to take the children snorkeling for an hour seems fair, it wouldn’t be right to ask them to play with the children all day every day as they have their own job to do. Other requests like asking them to swim to an island so you can see how tiring it is, may also be a little too much.

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Favorite Foods and Wines

In another instance you can consider the chef, those traveling on a superyacht charter are sure to want to influence the menu so you are able to eat the foods you love the best. Perhaps you have a favorite kind of vintage wine, or you adore a certain kind of oyster. Of course, you can ask for these things as the aim is to make every moment special for you. However, it is always best to talk with the chef or the captain about your food preferences before you find yourself in the middle of the Mediterranean with nothing but blue for as far as the eye can see. Remember the chef is a professional and you should trust that they can create award winning dishes to delight and inspire.

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Exploring Open Waters

Something everyone loves about traveling on a superyacht charter is the spontaneity and flexibility it allows. If one day you decide you want to go island hopping them you can, if another you decide you feel like stepping ashore and discovering the land bound sights, then you can do this without the need for prior planning. The sea is truly your open road when it comes to superyacht charters meaning you can pick and choose where you sail to. However it is worth nothing that at times it isn’t as simple as haul anchor and go, the path you take across the open blue is often highly dependent on weather conditions and Captain Sputh of MY Starfire will never put his crew and his guests in jeopardy.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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