Caribbean Port Towns on a Superyacht Charter

There’s something about the Caribbean that seems to ooze sweetness, whether it’s the rich colonial heritage that washes color through the blue and white towns, the rum shacks scattered close to the sands, the swaying palms dropping their coconuts to spill pale milk on the ground, or the paint peeling fishing boats gliding slickly across the blue, these are all memories of the Caribbean that helps it come to life.

Caribbean Port Towns on a Superyacht Charter Vacation 1

Taking a superyacht charter through the bliss and beauty of the Caribbean is no new thing, for years the rich and the famous have been flocking to the powder soft shores, the iridescent hues of blue and the beach clubs to soak up some winter sun and superyacht pleasures. MY Starfire makes the Caribbean even more magical when you can soak in the Jacuzzi on deck, sip vintage wines and throw starlit soirees beneath the dark arc of the sky, and hop around the pearly string of islands swimming and snorkeling to your heart’s content.

Caribbean Port Towns on a Superyacht Charter Vacation 2

When you want to step ashore and soak up the true magic of the tropical flavor, then these Caribbean port towns are certainly worth stopping by…

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pretty cobbled stone San Juan knows how to throw down her heart; this old crumbly town is so full of life that it is often difficult to tear yourself away. Cafes and restaurants teem with tables filled to the brim with locals gesticulating as they tuck into incredible food, salsa music spills out onto the streets, galleries blossom with beautiful art and the old forts gleam like ancient gold and are well worth a look in. After the excitement of the small town you can meander through the dewy rainforest before taking a tender back to MY Starfire for a glass of champagne as you watch one of many magical Caribbean sunsets.

Caribbean Port Towns on a Superyacht Charter Vacation San Juan

Willemstad, Curaçao

Curacao’s blue waters and blue liquor are more than enough reason to roll into this picture perfect spot for a week of superyacht bliss. From fragrant spa treatments on board MY Starfire to taking the Jet Ski out and discovering hidden coves tucked neatly in the azure hues of the coastline, you will want to stay in Curacao forever. Willemstad is the perfect poster child for the Dutch Caribbean flair that graces may of the isles with its boutique hotels, colonial architecture painted the brightest colors, and the adorable floating markets that only add to the ambiance. You can spend hours perusing Willemstad, eating local specialties in the cafes, ducking in and out of dream boutiques, and seeing what happens to a world when two incredibly strong cultures collide.

Caribbean Port Towns on a Superyacht Charter Vacation Willemstad

Rodney Bay Village, St Lucia

Everyone loves St Lucia and Rodney Bay Village is the perfect playground to drop in for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Those looking to shop will love the marina where boutique stores sell everything from jeweled riches to local art. Close by Pirate Bay tempts you down into the glistening waters and local restaurants fling open French doors and serve up rustic style soups and fish main courses that will transport you back to the golden grace of the Riviera. Back on MY Starfire and you can take a snorkel tour around the coral fringes where beautiful hues of color shimmer under the surface. When night starts to close in then hit the local casino or simply chill on board with a steak dinner.

Caribbean Port Towns on a Superyacht Charter Vacation Rodney Bay Village

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