Caribbean Superyacht Charter: Souvenirs to Bring Back

Days in the Caribbean are a constant dream, from snorkeling in waters you never thought could be so bright to sipping heady alcoholic punch as you lean back in the hammock and watch the boats bob on the pink flushed horizon. One of the best things about exploring the Caribbean on a superyacht is the fact that you don’t have to stand still or select one destination as the yacht can glide across the waves and be your bridge to paradise.

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MY Starfire is the perfect companion for your Caribbean superyacht charter adventure, from exploring the depths of the waters with the onboard instructor to feeling the sweet scent of vanilla and coconut soak into your skin with a massage at the onboard spa, you can be sure that every moment is tailored for perfect enjoyment. When you can bear to tear yourself away from the coral blush of the sands or the billowing white deck of your superyacht then be sure to hit the boutique stores for a spot of souvenir shopping across the diamond like islands.

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Woodcarvings in Antigua

Shiny mahogany and enchanting eucalyptus grow all over the Caribbean isles and when waking up on MY Starfire you can smell the sweetness as soon as you step onto the deck for breakfast. In Antigua, you can see these pieces of wood carved and chipped and polished to perfection making them a beautiful gift to take home. Wood carvings can be found at all the markets and most of the tourist stores but Carl Henry is the most famed wood artist in Antigua and his beautiful little sailboats are certainly an apt reminder of your days feeling the swell of the warm waters aboard MY Starfire.

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Spices from Grenada

Nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove deliver an unforgettable cloying sweetness to the Caribbean isles in a way that almost seems to contrast the sharp tang and peppery spice of their cooking. Yet this is where these spices flourish in the cradle of Mother Nature. Step ashore and visit the plantations or head to the local market of St. George’s, Grenada with the chef from MY Starfire and pick out some plump pouches of these stunning spices to take home. Back on the superyacht and your chef can even whip you up something locally inspired and truly delectable using the same spices.

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Liquor from Curacao

The rum soaked islands of the Caribbean make it a perfect party spot as you will soon get to know if you hit the shores on your superyacht charter. There is nothing like stepping out for a wild night with free-flowing cocktails, dancing beneath the moon and local flavors filling your senses. After the mayhem of a late eve, you can enjoy a morning on pampering and fresh smoothies aboard MY Starfire to get you feeling ready for another day. When exploring the gorgeous delights of Curacao with its Dutch-style architecture, its bustling bars, and its boutique shops, be sure to pick up a bottle of blue Curacao. Electric blue in color and sweet on the lips you can add a splash of Caribbean memory every time you shake a cocktail back home.

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Baskets from Dominica

You will see wicker baskets across every corner of the Caribbean whether it’s being sold on the side of the road or being used by the local women to carry their goods to market. There is something exotic and truly mesmerizing about these baskets curated from long grass and leaves, seemingly flimsy materials but bound in the perfect manner to make them sturdy as can be. In Dominica, you can buy these beautiful baskets made locally and you can even buy hats, bowls, bags and other such accessories crafted in the same way.

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