Charming Crete on a Superyacht

Rising pale mountains, rustic towns, regal architecture and a landscape swathed in ancient myth – this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the splendor of Crete. MY Starfire, the luxury superyacht, will bring the dreamy island of Crete to life. On board you can indulge in unrivalled attention, superior surroundings and gaze at the riches of the Mediterranean Sea from the chic sundeck.

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For superyacht guests who want to lose themselves in the fable of steep gorges, blue flag beaches and climbing olive groves, Crete is the perfect place to be. Discover lost islands, sip sweet Cretan wines in tiny taverns and satiate your appetite with bulging olives, honeyed figs and artisan cheeses fresh from the hills all in charming Crete.

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Step into another World on Spinalonga Island

Immortalized by Victoria Hislop’s novel The Island, Spinalonga perched off the coast of Elounda may have a dark history but is truly beautiful. Once a leper colony, the island is now uninhabited but draws the tourists in with its pristine waters, golden crumbling ruins, and soft light that filters through the trees. Take a boat ride and spend a couple of hours exploring the charm and splashing in aquamarine waters.

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Lounge on the Beautiful Vai Beach

The palm forest of Vai is one of the most picturesque spots in the whole of Crete boasting blue flag sands flanked by a thick palm forest and edged by baby blue waters. Small thatched tiki huts nestle on the sands and the warm sparkling waters are perfect for snorkeling, splashing or simply drifting away in sheer bliss.

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Hike the Samaria Gorge

The wild Samaria Gorge cuts through the majestic White Mountains and takes you on a journey through cool creeks, deserted crumbling farmhouses, ghost towns, fragrant olive groves and finally to the beautiful balmy waters of the Libyan Sea. Hikers will adore traversing the narrow path that runs between the towering cliffs and experiencing the bounty of flora and fauna that makes Crete so special.

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Discover the Old Town of Chania

Surrounded by the cream-colored peaks of the White Mountains and the fertile plains of the National Park, Chania is a vision of charm. The old town is the perfect place for a stroll with its ornate Venetian mansions, glittering harbor and hand crafted jewelry boutiques. You can spend the afternoon ducking in and out of the smattering of museums and sipping sweet Cretan wines on the sidewalk tables watching the world pass by.

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Stand in Awe at the Palace of Knossos

No trip to Crete would be complete without a trip to admire the Minoan Palace of Knossos. In the valley of the river Kairatos, you can explore the splendor of an ancient civilization that flourished back in 2700 BC and 1450 BC. The beautifully excavated palace is truly awe-inspiring with its rising great columns and majestic views across the city of Heraklion.

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Live Like the Locals in Loutro Village

Escape the tourist crowds and sail to the serenity of Loutro Village. Here you can spend the day sipping cold drinks with the locals, watching the fishing boats haul in their catch of the day and dipping in and out of the sapphire waters.

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Dine like Royalty

Crete is a food lover’s haven with its abundance of fresh drizzled olive oil, wild mountain herbs and rich Mediterranean seafood delights. You can find everything from white linen fine dining establishments to colorful and cozy taverns. Be sure to lunch on an array of dizzying mezze platters laden with crumbling cheeses, smoked meats and served with Dakos bread. Slow roasted pork shanks that fall from the bone makes for a fabulous dinner especially when followed by thick Cretan yogurt topped with honey and crushed walnuts.

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Exploring the joys of Crete on My Starfire will ensure that you discover the evocative blend of rich history, fine dining and blissful beaches that marks Crete on the map as being one of the most alluring destinations in the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

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