Why Charter A Superyacht

If the allure of the open sea conjures you once more, with its open-spaces and private hangouts, you might be tempted to call upon your favorite Captain for the ultimate superyacht charter. Chartering a superyacht like MY Starfire allows you to bask in what seems to be perfection. Think opulence, comfort and flexible itineraries peacefully enjoyed with the friends and family you choose to build your memories with.

MY Starfire luxury charter experience

If you are hesitating to contact Captain Sputh or your broker, read below for just a few more reasons why you should charter a superyacht the next time you want to get away.

MY Starfire why charter a superyacht

Bespoke Itinerary

Chartering a superyacht is an opportunity for you to create your own personal itinerary, just the way you like it. Whether you want to have an adventure, hang out with friends or simply relax in silence, you decide how you spend your time. Your dedicated Captain will propose his curated choices but you’ll get to decide the places you want to visit, what you eat for each meal or even the activities you spend your time on. There’s no specific schedule except for the one you make in the company of your superyacht Captain.

MY Starfire superyacht charter itinerary

Effortless Service

When chartering MY Starfire, you simply won’t have to worry about anything. The experienced crew will take care of everything for you and provide you with a level of service higher than what you’d experience at a five-star hotel. Once you’re on the superyacht, all of the attention is focused on you. The crew will cater to your needs and preferences to make sure you’re receiving service at the highest standards. Consider Captain Sputh to be your own personal concierge as he will gladly share all his knowledge with you to make for the perfect superyacht charter.

MY Starfire superyacht service


Nothing beats spending time in a secluded cove to get away from the crowds. Unlike being in a hotel or on a cruise, if you choose, your Captain can anchor off in a bay with no one else around. Enjoy the tranquility of a superyacht’s confine; or if you prefer, head ashore to get to know the local scene if you need a little action. On a superyacht charter, you not only get to choose how to spend your time, but who you spend your time with.

MY Starfire luxury superyacht charter privacy


If you’re looking to have an adventure on the ocean, superyachts have it all. You’ll enjoy a range of water activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, diving, kayaking, fishing, water skiing, or even being on playing with a seabob, an underwater performance toy. MY Starfire provides all the gear– all you need to do is jump into the ocean and be ready to explore all it has to offer.

MY Starfire superyacht charter activities

Luxury Settings

Superyachts have all the amenities needed for a luxury stay, including Jacuzzis, day beds, fine dining, outdoor pools, spa facilities, personal gyms, open-air cinemas and more. These amenities make MY Stafire feel like your home away from home. There’s everything you need to feel comfortable, keep you busy and make it a memorable trip.

MY Starfire superyacht fine dining

Preferred Charter Style

No matter what the occasion is, superyachts offer the itineraries and amenities to spend your time exactly the way you want to. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a chance to explore other cities or just a few days to relax, reach out to your broker or Captain Sputh directly to experience superyacht living at its best.

MY Starfire superyacht luxury experience

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
Providing "Effortless Service" is my passion. Therefore, I am always available to answer any questions you may have about either yachting or travel. Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly or through your broker.
Captain Carl Sputh