Corfu Travel Guide for Luxury Yachts

For luxury superyachts, Corfu is a million dollar destination nestled in the northern corner of the Ionian Islands. The sea is a woven tapestry of azure hues sparkling beneath the sky, the carved green mountains are seasoned with Byzantine churches, sleepy white-washed villages, and endless olive groves and the riches of history steeped into the food, the wine and the abundance of local charm.

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For those luxury yachts sailing into port, a Corfu travel guide can help you explore the wonders of this gem like island. My Starfire is a luxury superyacht that can take you on a breathtaking journey along the gilded gold and green coastline of Corfu. Spend your days soaking up the sun, indulging in fine cuisine and finding out about Homer’s beautiful and rich land.

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Italian Charm in the Old Town

The old town of Corfu is a UNESCO world wonder nestled comfortably between two Venetian fortresses. The winding old streets ooze Italian style charm with a hint of French joie de vivre and even a touch of quaint English style. Enjoy a cozy coffee surrounded by splendor in the picturesque square of Spianada, soak up the aristocratic air of the old mansions and shaded trees on Alexandros Avenue and linger on the shimmering waterfront.

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Sweet Summer Palaces

Once upon a time, the Achillion Palace served as a heady summer retreat for Elizabeth the Empress of Austria and is now one of Corfu’s most beautiful tourist sites. The ornate splendor of carved marble, lavish furnishings and intricate frescoes are sure to delight and the manicured gardens spilling over with fragrant blossoms and sparkling sea views combine to make a heavenly space to spend the afternoon.

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Abandoned Venetian Villages

Catch a glimpse of old Corfu and leave the yacht behind as you climb up into the mountains. Paleá Períthia is a Venetian era village, abandoned to the wilderness and makes for a haunting jaunt in the afternoon sun. The 14th-century church of Agios Iákovos is close by and worth ducking in, yet the village itself with its dusty old roads, bleating sheep and rolling hills of gold is well worth the trek. Close by you can find some truly off the beaten track spots to enjoy the finest homemade food. Rick Stein speaks highly of Foros, an intimate eatery nestled in the lonely mountains. The plump olives, bright peppers stuffed with cheese and the incredibly moist walnut cake are famous across the island.

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The Secret Spot on the North Coast

Glide on your luxury yacht across the turquoise rippling waters of Paleokastritsa, hailed as one of the most beautiful spots in Corfu, the steep sloping streets are crammed with wonderful eateries, the silky smooth sands invite you to sink down and sunbathe and the thick forest mountains tempt you in to the cool nook of the trees. Spend at least a day or two exploring the rich grottoes and caves, swimming in crystalline waters and supping on fresh seafood and sweet island wines.

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Experience the Taste of True Corfu

Discover the wonder of real Corfu with a gourmet sojourn to Ambelonas. The tumbling vineyards and shimmering green hills provide a stunning mise en scene for an afternoon of sheer indulgence. This cultural tour encourages you to experience the splendor of the local wines, participate in traditional cooking classes, learn all about Hippocrates herbs and even catch a special musical performance or play.

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Captain Sputh of the majestic MY Starfire is the perfect Corfu travel guide. On board the beauty of his luxury superyacht you can discover world-class beaches that echo the sirens song, you can taste the color and tapestry of Grecian delights and you can lose yourself in the tumbling valleys, climbing hills, and tangle of vineyards that makes Corfu such a fairy tale destination.
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