The Costs of Chartering a Superyacht

Sweeping away on the high seas in your superyacht charter is an unrivalled luxury, and of course, you can expect to pay the costs for such a dream experience. Cruising around the salt lemon shores of Sicily, finding palm fringed sands in the Caribbean and exploring the beauty of the British Virgin Isles aboard a luxury yacht such as MY Starfire might simply justify the high costs.

Understanding the costs of chartering a superyacht can help you plan your dream holiday. The truth of the matter is that every superyacht charter is different, and costs can differ drastically depending on itinerary, contracts and additional amenities you wish to enjoy on-board.

The Costs of Chartering a Superyacht 1

The yacht

The style and size of the yacht itself will have an impact on the overall cost, and this is where you can select a superyacht that meets your budget. Superyachts bearing the name of big designers, grand builders and with prior links to elite clientele and famed for luxury will bring in a higher price than less popular or big name yachts.

The season

The season you plan to set sail will also have a direct contribution to the asking price for your opulent stay. Superyachts work on two seasons – high and low, with the higher summer months bringing in bigger prices. Special events like New Year’s Eve, Monaco’s Grand Prix, festivals and more typically also demand a higher price.

The Costs of Chartering a Superyacht 2

The base price

Your superyacht charter will usually come at a base price and it is essential to understand this straight off the bat, so you are able to work within your budget. The base fee covers the actual cost of renting the yacht with all its amenities such as the crew, the tenders and toys and depending on the yacht and the contract – food and wine may also fall under this category. Superyachts with impressive amenities such as onboard spas, sundeck cinemas and more will generally charge a higher base price. As an example of cost, a lavish and luxurious superyacht charter like the MY Starfire will charge $288,000 per week plus expenses.

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The APA stands for advance provisioning allowance, and this allows guests to plan easily and prepare for the costs of their dream luxury vacation. The APA is generally paid in advance and fees for food, drink, docking, fuel and so forth, are extracted from this account. The captain will keep tabs on the costs spent and will inform guests when the account is running low. A general rule of thumb is the APA is set to around 25-30% of the base price, although personal tastes and desires will differ from party to party.

The Costs of Chartering a Superyacht 4

The fuel

Fuel costs and docking fees can only add to the price and thus the destination you choose to set sail for will affect the final price. Speed, distance and time spent anchored will all contribute to the fuel costs. Bear in mind that the fuel consumed when racing around on jet skis, and other such tenders will be added to the bill. Depending on the dock you choose you can expect to pay either grandiose docking fees or straightforward costs. World class marinas with famous names and dripping in luxury will, of course, come with a price tag that suits such places like Cannes and Monaco.

The additional costs

Additional costs are what make your stay a personalized and tailored experience, and this is where you can tone down the extras or have a luxury blow out. Those guests who want to upgrade to vintage fine wines, Cristal champagne, throw decadent dinner parties, have goods exported to them when docked in far off lands and all the rest, will have to front the costs. No order is too big or small when it comes to a superyacht charter and your every dream can be met, but this, of course, will send the end costs higher.

The Costs of Chartering a Superyacht 5
After paying the base price, you can select the services that suits your own budget and thus hiring a luxury superyacht can be a flexible cost experience. You can live like kings out on the seas with caviar and champagne in the heart of the Caribbean, or you can enjoy simple luxuries and modesty on the Grecian coast.

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