Where to Dine in Curacao

The designer shores of Curacao are a melting pot of cultures that fused together to create a mouth-watering array of food. Being a Dutch island shimmering in the heart of the Caribbean you can find hearty dishes blended with French bistro style, a smatter of Indonesian flavors, Caribbean spice and even a Latino lilt on some menus.

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Blending a beautiful beach break on the honeyed shores of Curacao with the chance to explore the gourmet side of the island is the perfect way to spend your superyacht break.

Captain Sputh, the award-winning owner of the magnificent superyacht MY Starfire knows the Curacao waters like the back of his hand and can show you all the secret spots to indulge in fine dining. MY Starfire boasts sheer elegance on the seas with its cream and dark wood sundeck, bubbling hot tub and bright and airy sleeping quarters laced in style.

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Take a glimpse at these must try places to dine when exploring the shores of Curacao.

The Wine Cellar

The islands most famous institution has been bustling for years with its hint of old world decadence, white linen tablecloths, low lighting and highly polished wood. The French menu blends classic bistro styles with a Caribbean kick.

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For thirty years Nico Cornelisse has been tempting diners to his door to serve up Brandied Bisque of Rock Lobster, truffle tapenade and sautéed shrimp. The opulent wine list perfectly pairs with plate to palate with sommelier style and the atmosphere is always bubbling away.

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Chic and trendy marks Kome on the map with its long-paneled bar, perching stools and passionate ethos towards fabulous food. Magical martinis are shaken and not stirred and fried chicken and waffles is certainly a firm favorite when it comes to delicious comfort food in the heart of Curacao.

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Smoked brisket served with a fennel slaw, octopus la plancha and salted caramel chocolate makes for a divine dinner in lush surroundings.

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Mundo Bizarro

Fresh mojitos in eclectic and bright surroundings makes Mundo Bizarro an offbeat place to eat that combines fine foods with a lively Cuban influence. Plenty of twinkling fairy lights, al fresco atmosphere and cozy charm adds a dash of romance to set the scene.

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Tapas, plentiful wine flowing over and delicate dishes like truffled mashed potatoes and goat cheese stuffed pork tenderloin are expertly prepared in the kitsch kitchen.

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Trio Penotti

One of the hottest dining establishments on the shores of Curacao is brimming with gourmet European inspired flair. Elegant and laid back décor, a chilled atmosphere and impeccable service combine to create a fabulous dining experience without the fuss.

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The fish stew is fresh and bursting with flavor and the sirloin steak grilled to perfection. Far from being a five-star establishment this is the place to dine when you are seeking something casual, long and languid with good hearty coastal cooking straight from the kitchen.

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Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant

The tropical splash of color, fragrant fresh colors and elegant dining with stupendous shimmering lagoon views makes this restaurant a true gem when you want a romantic dinner served with a dollop of finery.

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The menu is carefully curated to ensure that the flavors dance on your tongue with confit of foie gras, lobster bisque and crayfish, and thinly sliced lionfish. Private dining can be arranged under the candlelit gazebo for something extra special to toast the end of another perfect day.

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On those evenings when you don’t feel like stepping onshore you can indulge in the privacy and plush surroundings of MY Starfire. Enjoy a personally curated menu on the sundeck crafted with locally fresh ingredients and the finest wines perfectly paired to tantalize your palate.

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