Discovering Montenegro by Superyacht

The ancient Adriatic jewel of Montenegro is the perfect place to dock your luxury superyacht and explore the old world streets ripened with romance. Dramatic mountains tumble to meet the blue ink sea and Venetian style charm can be found on every corner with mansions adorned in 15th century splendor.

Although considered to be a recent superyacht charter destination in the Mediterranean Sea, Montenegro is often requested by charter guests of MY Starfire that are looking to discover uncharted beauty.


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Folklore of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor welcomes you when you arrive on your superyacht charter and encompasses the rare beauty of the fjords with a warm and hazy climate that allows you to languish in luxury. The narrow body of water backed by dense sweet forests and quaint colorful villages is an idyllic retreat and still has the essence of the old world Mediterranean before the tourist sprawls.


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The Bay of Kotor offers so much in the way of private adventures, without the crowds, you can explore the coves on a speedboat, linger over fresh fish dishes with the locals in charming cafes, and hear the old folklore tales that make the dreamy landscape come to life.


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Cut Canyons and Gorges

Breath-taking national parks, deep cut canyons and velvet green gorges can be found close to this exciting little city, meaning that getting into the heart of nature is no difficult feat in Montenegro. The UNESCO World Heritage Tara Canyon delivers an exciting adventure bubbling over with white water rafting, hiking and photogenic terrains that delight and inspire.


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Ancient Olive Groves

Montenegro may not yet be on the map as a food lover’s paradise but the hearty blend of Balkan food sheared with Italian style makes it a wining and dining experience not to be missed. Olive groves as old as time, devilishly divine plum brandy and wooden platters of salted fish, cream cheeses and prosciutto make for a charming lunch on the terraces overlooking the sea.


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Chic Class at Porto Montenegro

The place to be when it comes to docking your superyacht charter is the chic community hub that buzzes around the new and lavish Porto Montenegro. Purpose built with a passion for luxury this is a place that allows you to bask in comfort, class and nature. Stunning berths, select restaurants, independent boutiques and of course plenty of lively events to fill your days make Porto Montenegro a rare gem in the yachting world.


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Montenegro is spiraling to be one of the most sought after destinations of the summer and with its chiming monasteries, misty mountains, waterfront palaces and world class marina, it is no wonder the rich and the famous are tempted by the shores of this Balkan beauty.

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