Dream Superyacht Destinations for Fall

Whilst summer sees the swelling and surging of crowds rolling across the beaches like a storm, autumn comes with golden colors and the delectable sound of silence. All along the fringes of the French Riviera the glitzy ports fight for space in summer whereas winters in the Caribbean are full to capacity with superyacht revelers looking for a slice of winter warmth. When you choose a charter superyacht in the shoulder season of fall it can truly be a bespoke reward, the weather is still bright and buttery, the seas are clear and calm, the ports are soft and gentle and you get a much more authentic taste of local life to roll around your tongue. My Starfire offers exquisite autumn escapes, this is the time to sit on deck with a vintage claret watching the stars pierce the sky like diamonds, to dip into the steaming sauna when the evenings turn to a delicious crisp chill and to cozy up in the master stateroom with a good book sighing in delight as you set sail for inspiring ports of call.
Of course, some destinations outside the summer months can bring chilly cobalt waters and tropical rains drumming on the deck, but for those who want their adventures served with a dash of peace and a twist of space, these dream superyacht charter destinations will tempt you out to play.

Superyacht Destinations

Sardinia, Italy
Sweet Sardinia has always been a rich and evocative playground for luxury yacht charter guests looking to glide through Neptune’s Grotto, hike in the velvet green hills and dine on suckling pig and perfect pungent cheeses fresh from the mountains. The emerald coast can lose a little of its sheen in the height of summer when the waters teem with visitors, yet when September and October hits the smog of the crowds clear leaving you with bright temperatures that want to linger, hills tinged with a hint of rusty color and perfect low key bars for sipping the deep hued and bold as brass red wines. Even if you aren’t brave enough to plunge right into the turquoise waters you can still take the kayak from My Starfire’s endless supply of water toys and discover the golden curve of coast or soar around all the secret nooks and crannies on the Jet Ski. Early morning walks in the fragrant pine forests bring birdsong fluttering to the surface and watching the local fishermen hauling their lines out in the final fingers of sunlight make autumnal evenings in Sardinia a place where time seems to stand still.

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Rhodes, Greece
The largest of the luscious white and blue Greek Islands, in the full swing of summer Rhodes turns into a package holiday paradise with the bars and tiny taverns crammed, the stores all selling fluorescent rubber rings and the old town teeming. As soon as September sweeps down with her back to school policy the island empties yet the sun still stays hanging like a lantern in the pale blue sky. This is the perfect time to take the Hinckley tender from your luxury yacht charter My Starfire and head across the glazed blue waters to discover the cobbled streets that take you on a tour back through the pages of ancient history. Culture vultures can peruse the museums and ruins, nature lovers can witness the beating of wings in the valley of the butterflies, and foodies can sup on deck indulging in succulent red mullets fresh from the sea and endless mezze platters to accompany the sparkle of sweet wine. You can wander up Mount Attavyros for sublime views without the scorching sun, and you can catch religious festivals and Greek dancing filling the locals with the kiss of life.

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Curacao, Caribbean
Charter superyachts may choose to steer clear of the golden child of the Caribbean come the fall months as the tropical storms tend to close in. For those who don’t want to give up their floury white sands and swaying palm trees the ABC islands offer the ultimate solution. These are the patches of pristine land that are tucked away from the hurricane belt and autumn is a glorious time to visit before the winter crowds close in. The pastel colors of Curacao look even lovelier when bathed in a golden splendor, the water stays as blue as a bellflower and are still draped in that year round gauze of warmth, and the streets of Willemstad remain swept of the cruise ship crowds. These are the days for diving off the warm teak deck of your luxury yacht charter My Starfire to snorkel with rainbow colored shoals, for sitting with bright ice cold cocktails on the aft deck, for buying up the best Caribbean art you can find in the gorgeous boutiques, and for dining on as much lobster as you can muster.

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Fjords, Norway
Nowhere in the world does Mother Nature put on her best dress than along the pristine fjords and ribbon like waterways of Norway. Many charter superyachts take to the fjords in the summer to see a world of thundering waterfalls, jeweled greens and to kayak beneath the midnight sun. In winter luxury charters set sail to slip silently beneath the blaze of the aurora borealis, yet autumn extends another wonder for those who want to take her hand. Foliage colors along the fjords are simply sumptuous, stirring every shade of crimson and gold into a heady mix. The days can be laced in a delicious chill, like the first bite of an apple, this is the perfect time for hot tubs and bubbles on the deck or snuggling beneath a cashmere blanket with a beautiful hot toddy and a palate of a thousand stars. Those who want to edge even further can take MY Starfire close to the Arctic Circle where the Northern Lights are sure to have started to tinge the sky an eerie shade of green.

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