Chartering a Superyacht in The Greek Islands

Greece is one of the world’s most fascinating countries to visit for those interested in seeing historical sites and soaking up ancient culture. Its islands also provide a playground paradise for beach-lovers, with incredible natural beauty spread out beneath the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Add to that a healthy dose of Mediterranean food and wine, and you have the perfect venue for an eight day discovery voyage by superyacht.
Day One:  Athens
Begin the week with a long day in Athens, touring some of the world’s most recognised historic buildings. The Acropolis and Parthenon are absolutely essential viewing. Head straight back into the modern world for a late lunch at the award-winning Funky Gourmet restaurant, enjoying contemporary Greek cuisine at its very best, before relaxing on Athens’ beach in the afternoon.


Eight Days In The Greek Islands By Superyacht Athens

Day Two: Andros
Head to the pretty island of Andros next, admiring the ancient breakwater that can still be seen underwater as you enter the harbour. Begin the day with a restorative drink from the Sariza spring in the village of Apikia, enjoying its reputed benefits for the kidney and stomach, before spending the day meandering the streets of the capital (also called Andros) beneath the bright Greek sunshine.


Day Three: Mykonos
At Mykonos, spend a relaxing day on one of the island’s stunning beaches, in preparation for a long evening and night of partying in one of the island’s many exclusive beach clubs. For those who want to be more active during the day, the neighbouring island of Delos is a great place to explore, offering some of the most interesting archaeological and mythological sites in the whole of Greece.


Eight Days In The Greek Islands By Superyacht Mykonos
Day Four: Paros
For the antithesis of the Mykonos party scene and a truly authentic taste of life of the Greek islands, head to Paros next. Visit the delightful Frankish Castle and spend a quiet day feasting on the local cuisine. For water sports fans, the strait between Paros and nearby Naxos offers excellent windsurfing.


Day Five: Ios
Delve into history with a visit to the island of Ios, following the steep donkey trail from the port to the charming village of Chora and being sure to pass by the pretty church during your wanderings. From there, head to the exceptional prehistoric conservation site at Skarkos for some serious history. After a morning of discovery, spend the afternoon soaking up some rays on the stunning white sand of Mylopotas beach.


Day Six-Seven: Santorini
Head to the island of Santorini next for a two day stay. Enjoy the dramatic coastline, which is the remains of the collapsed peak of a volcano, as you approach and enter the harbour. Marvel at the white houses crowded onto the cliff-top, then head to Firostefani village to enjoy the interesting modern architecture of the dwellings crowded into the narrow streets. Be sure to sample a katsoúni (a kind of sweet cucumber) and the locally grown white eggplant while on Santorini – this is an island for gourmet experimentation; so, be sure to make time for leisurely meals interspersed with numerous snacks while you explore.


Eight Days In The Greek Islands By Superyacht Santorini
Day Eight: Athens
Head back to the mainland for a final day in Athens at the end of the week, this time taking in the more modern architecture that the Greek capital has to offer, including the Hellenic Parliament and Monastiraki Square. Marvel at the combination of ancient and modern culture in the birthplace of democracy, before dining in one of Athens’ many fantastic restaurants as night falls.

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