Eight Days from Venice to Slovenia

Southern Europe is famed for its warm weather, delicious cuisine and laid back lifestyle. The area is also home to beautiful beaches, fascinating cities and breath-taking ancient architecture. One of the best ways to explore southern Europe is by superyacht, as it provides travellers with the freedom to experience a fresh take on some of the world’s most intriguing countries.

An eight day trip from Venice to Slovenia promises to provide a tempting combination of exploration, excitement and relaxation, all from the unique perspective that can only be gained by a sea-based voyage of discovery.

Day One:  Venice

Venice is one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic destinations. Spread across over 100 islands on the Venetian Lagoon, the city is one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations.




Travellers can moor their superyachts directly alongside Piazza San Marco, Venice’s main public square, and the perfect spot for relaxing, socializing and admiring the incredible buildings, including the stunning St Mark’s Basilica.

Be sure to dine in one of Venice’s many gourmet restaurants as evening falls and the city’s waterways come alive with reflected light. The seafood at Osteria di Santa Marina, to the north of the Rialto, is particularly recommended.




Day Two: Lido

While in Venice, be sure to spend a day at the 200m sandbar stretch of Lido de Venezia – the home of the Venice Film Festival. The Venice Casino features prominently for those looking to spend a day at the tables, while those in search of a more relaxed day can enjoy swimming in the warmth of the Adriatic Sea and sunning themselves on Lido’s extensive sandy beaches.

Day Three: Chioggia

At the far end of the Venetian Lagoon, the island of Chioggia is well worth a visit. Spend the day touring its fine examples of medieval churches, including the church of St Andrew, the bell tower of which is the most ancient in the world. Meander through the narrow, winding streets and admire the pretty criss-crossing of canals that has caused the city to become known as a mini-Venice.

Day Four: Burano

While still in the area of the Venetian Lagoon, take in the sights at Burano, which is known as being one of Italy’s prettiest towns. Brightly painted houses vie for attention in the Italian sunlight, so be sure to explore this artists’ paradise on foot while stopping regularly for coffee and cake or gelato in the local cafés.




Day Five: Trieste

Judged to be the world’s most underrated travel destination in 2012 by Lonely Planet, the north-eastern Italian city of Trieste offers a rare combination of old-world charm, ancient architecture and eye-catching modern buildings. The Piazza Unità d’Italia is essential for viewing after nightfall, so be sure to dine in one of the nearby restaurants to admire the view at its best.




Day Six: Piran

Head across the Adriatic to Slovenia next, making the delightful town of Piran your first stop. Spend a morning strolling around the town, before enjoying the beach promenade from Piran to Fiesa and back. Try to time your visit right to take in one of the musical evenings in the atrium of Greyfriars Franciscan monastery, where the heavenly sounds roll beautifully around the cloisters, enrapturing all those lucky enough to witness it.




Day Seven: Izola

Izola makes the perfect end point to a week spent exploring the cultural and architectural delights of Venice and Slovenia. In the summer, enjoy one of the numerous concerts hosted in the town, and whatever the weather be sure to visit at least one of Izola’s many art galleries, to soak up a final bit of culture before enjoying traditional Slovenian cuisine in one of Izola’s leading restaurants, such as Hisa Torkla, which is highly recommended for its innovative and delicious creations.




Day Eight: Izola

Since you might not want to leave this lovely city behind, spend a morning leisurely walking along its breathtaking shoreline before heading in town to shop in one of the many quaint boutiques. Pack your bags full of souvenirs before returning to your yacht for one last gourmet lunch.

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