Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht

One of the perfect pleasures of being aboard a luxury superyacht charter is the fact that the ocean is not only your pristine backdrop but also your playground. Whether you are exploring the lavish bejeweled coast of the Turkish Riviera, indulging in a sun and stars pampering retreat across the Caribbean or skirting around the lemon zest shores of the Amalfi Coast, this is the perfect environment to spend the days indulging in the thrills of watersports.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht toys on board

The luxury superyacht MY Starfire offers plenty of excitement out on the waves, with plenty of toys and tenders on board, guests can snorkel across the mirrored surface, dive down into the deep to see blooming coral beds or tear across the waters with jet skis or an hour or two of water-skiing. After getting wet and wild nothing can compare to taking a soothing dip in the hot tub or raising a chilled glass of champagne to toast another day of thrills and fabulous adventures aboard MY Starfire.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht MYStarfire

Water Skiing

Feel the thrill of zooming across the white capped surface on a water ski being pulled by a rip roaring speedboat. Water-skiing is an incredible way to spend the day and will leave you feeling exhilarated and brimming with excitement. After a light brunch you can hit the open waters and practice perfecting your balance as you fly over the waves and soak up the spectacular views of coastal scenery carving the difference between the sky and the sea. Wakeboards allow for plenty of room to practice your water tricks with leaping and spinning and carving patterns across the tapestry of blue.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht water skiing

Jet Skis and Tenders

For something else a little fast paced on the waves, Jet Skis are super fun especially when you have the whole ocean to yourself. Whether you want to explore the secret coves of Croatia or discover untrodden islands in the Caribbean, a jet ski will take you where you want to be without any restrictions. Reaching incredible speeds sometimes it’s just great to burn of some steam with a fast flying adventure leaping over waves and fueling the fires of sheer delight.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht jet skis

After an incredible fast paced ride you can return to the splendor of MY Starfire for a deep tissue massage on deck to fully unwind. Ask the chef to prepare a delightful picnic of fresh fruits, chilled wine and ocean caught crab and take the tender to seek your own secluded beach for a rejuvenating afternoon.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht tender

Snorkeling and Diving

Snorkel on the surface of the Mediterranean and discover natural wonder waiting beneath the sea. With incredible vision and schools of painted fish you can see another side to the water from beneath the waves. One of the most incredible destinations for snorkeling and diving down deeper has to be the rich marine waters of the Caribbean.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht snorkeling

Dive down to the beds and discover lost shipwrecks, snorkel with giant stingrays, curious reef sharks and giant green sea turtles. Watch blooming coral gardens dance with rainbow colors and seek sheer serenity in the pristine beauty of nature. Blend the enchantment of diving with the excitement of speed with the fun of a seabob. These underwater jet stream powered toys will have you whizzing about beneath the waves allowing you to explore and discover the coral beds without slowing down.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht scuba diving

Captain Sputh offers a wealth of toys and tenders on his beautifully designed superyacht MY Starfire. As an avid water sports enthusiast he loves showing guests the ropes and helping them to plan the perfect adrenaline escape out on the natural waterpark of the sea. The attentive crew is always happy to welcome you back on board with an array of cloud like soft fluffy towels and a fresh cocktail or two as you tell of your adventures.

Enjoy Watersports Aboard a Superyacht seabobs


Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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