Entertaining Kids Aboard A Superyacht

Adults can bask in the many pleasures onboard a superyacht, whether it’s fine dining on deck, champagne in the hot tub, deluxe shopping ashore or enjoying a sensational private massage. The younger ones may need a little extra attention to stay entertained. With the ocean, the wilderness and the golden coastline as their playground, MY Starfire‘s Captain Carl Sputh and crew recommend the following ways to entertain kids aboard a superyacht.


Entertaining Kids Aboard A Superyacht

Let your little ones learn a Watersports

Mother Nature’s stretch of shimmering sea or crashing surf offers plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun all day long. Whether your kids want to snorkel across the crystal surface watching the marine life swimming below or they want to dive down and search the seabed for sunken treasure, exploring what lies beneath can provide a glimpse into another world. Those who prefer to feel the thrash of adrenaline can fly through the air and whisk up the waves with wakeboarding or water-skiing. Then, of course, for lazy afternoons a journey to nearby secluded coves on the kayak can offer the chance to re-enact Robinson Crusoe.

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Catch a movie under the stars

Turn the open seas, the expanse of space and the polished sundeck into your own private open air cinema. Kids will adore snuggling beneath a soft cashmere blanket, dipping into some sticky homemade caramel popcorn and watching their favorite movie light up the big screen. As the Milky Way glitters over your head, you can finish the night with a delicious hot chocolate as the perfect way to end the day.

Entertaining Kids Aboard A Superyacht 2

Captain or Chef for the day

Why not give yourself a break and give the children a chance to be in charge? Encourage them to follow in the footsteps of their peers and be the captain or the chef for the day. Let them shadow the captain as he mans the decks, steers the yacht and checks for pirates. Those with an interest of getting grubby in the kitchen can help chef prepare dinner or dessert, can shop for goodies at the local market and learn all about adding the right amount of spice in this entertaining and fun filled day.

Entertaining Kids Aboard A Superyacht 3

Pick the clues on a Treasure Hunt

Bring a legend to life with your very own treasure hunt to send a spark of excitement into the children’s imaginations. Out on the Caribbean waters you can set the scene with costumes, jet skis, and scattered clues and, of course, the grand prize to fuel the fantasy. Homemade maps can add another great activity, and spreading clues from the water to the coves and beach can allow for extra exploration.

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Beach BBQ on a secluded cove

Ask chef to pack the perfect picnic basket laced with goodies and head to the sands for a beach BBQ on a secluded cove. Spend the afternoon searing freshly caught tuna steaks, picking fruit and snorkeling in the shallows. As the sky blushes to make way for dusk you can wind down with folktales, singing and music around the glowing fire pit, watching the stars fall into the flames.

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