European Destinations for Superyachts 2016

Luxury yacht charters are forever washing up on the shores of the French Riviera, at the foothills of the Italian Cinque Terre, and on the glitzy white and blue scrubbed drama of Greece’s Santorini. These are dream super yacht destinations for a reason; with stunning sights, impeccably blue waters, an incredible array of food and wine, and all the luxury you could wish for, it’s no wonder that high class sailors return here time and time again. Yet sometimes you seek something a little different, a raw, untamed side of the world. MY Starfire understands the art of intrepid travel without leaving the lore of luxury on land, with an onboard cinema and spa, stately rooms bedecked in every comfort, and a full crew including a private chef ready to wait on your every whim; this is exploration like no other. Take a look at these European destinations to set sail for in 2016.

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Kotor, Montenegro

Mountains roll down to meet the sea, the mist of morning falls, steeples rise out of ancient towns, and the wine is dark and bloody and simply delicious – these are the reasons to glide into the bay of Kotor. Montenegro still sits half in the shadows and half in the sunlight, the beaches aren’t littered with sunbeds and the coast isn’t bedecked in high rises yet. As soon as you catch sight of Kotor from the deck of MY Starfire you are sure to want to raise a glass. Spend your days fishing and bathing in the clear temperate waters, hike high into the hills, and taste the finest rustic fare your taste buds will ever have the pleasure of. Sticky baklava and feverishly strong Turkish coffee start the day, and tender as the night lamb bathed in milk is the only way to end an eve.

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Folégandros, Greece

Pebbled beaches, bleating goats, and old wooden windmills mark this hidden Grecian gem out as a must see in 2016. Whilst the other superyachts will be scurrying to the party isle of Crete or the dazzling pearl of Santorini, you can truly get back to a more authentic way of life in Folégandros. Chill with mezze platters and magazines as you soak up the sun on the aft deck of MY Starfire, gazing at the charming village clinging to the rocky cliff. Hang out with the locals eating fresh fish and homemade delights as you communicate with dancing hands, and spend endless hours swimming in the blue blitz of the sea.

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Bonifacio, Corsica

Cool Corsica looks even more tempting in 2016 with her French Italian spirit, her impressive fortified walls, and her world class cuisine. When you tire of sailing MY Starfire around the picturesque nature reserves, the artistic revelry of Ajaccio, and the glorious marinas of Calvi, it seems that is Bonifacio that will be calling you home. Make this your luxury yacht charter home and spend time rambling around the tight knit 13th century town, walking along the thick fortress walls, and eating a feast of fresh seafood on the beachfront parade. With Sardinia only a slip away from the door of Bonifacio this is the perfect luxury yacht charter itinerary for those bronzed and sun kissed summer afternoons where all you want is etchings of gold rock and bright blue waters.

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Lofoten, Norway

Suddenly it’s as though we awoke from a dream and found Norway there, this year it seems that Scandinavia is capturing everyone’s attention, as we hope to swap peachy beach breaks for the astounding drama of Mother Nature. Lofoten boasts the best of the best, with her glorious archipelago, her craggy mountaintops dusted in icing powder snow, her rickety fishing boats edging out to catch pink salmon, and her blur of green and gold dancing northern lights. For luxury yacht charters seeking something inspired you will truly feel as though you have found the edge of the world. In summers you can spend your time dancing in the midnight sun, soaking in hot tubs aboard MY Starfire, and cycling, fishing and chasing the great outdoors. In the colder months the sauna calls to you, the wine keeps you warm, and the light show of night brightens your peripheral vision.

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