Expensive Bottles to Celebrate With on your Superyacht

There are so many celebratory moments onboard a megayacht, from uncorking a bottle of champagne as you first set sail to raising a sunset toast with friends and family, midnight supper soirees where the wine flows like gold, and lingering afternoons spent with a cocktail in hand lounging on the warm teak aft deck. Whether you are gliding around the emerald and white sand islands of the Caribbean or laughing over lengthy lunches and continental charm on Europe’s designer Riviera’s, these platinum vacation moments are always best when seasoned with a taste of the world’s finest alcohol. My Starfire lends its style impeccably well to raising a toast or two, from fresh morning mimosas with a beautiful brunch to wine tasting on deck in the late afternoon after a day of water sports, boutique shopping and perfect pampering, or packing the perfect wines for a desert isle picnic, and curling up with a good bottle of scotch on chilly star laden evenings beneath a cashmere blanket. Take a look at these millionaire bottles to celebrate with, no matter where the blue blur of the horizon is tempting you.

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Legacy by Angostura

A beautiful bottle of the world’s most elite rum will set you back $25,000 dollars but you can bet that every sip is sure to be worth it. Curated with a mixture of special blends, this high class rum was designed to raise a toast to mark 50 years of independence for the colorful flourishing islands of Trinidad and Tobago. This would be the perfect place to pour a dram and enjoy on the aft deck of your superyacht after spending the weekend shaking your tail feathers and moving to the rhythmic beats that engulf the island during Carnival. The delectable aromas of spice, vanilla, honey and toffee whirl together to create something that sips like a dream. Throw into the mix the gorgeous glass decanter bottle with an elaborate show stopper that took no less than five hundred hours for ten master craftsmen to make and you have a shining diamond for your alcohol cupboard.

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Dalmore 62

Scotch is always the gentleman’s drink and the perfect tipple for a chilly megayacht evening along the Norwegian fjords where a cashmere blanket and a game of chess is the perfect remedy. The Dalmore 62 has a sting in its tail when it comes to the price tag with costs over $200,000 for a bottle. Yet the beauty of this dark and heady amber nectar, the finishing touch of the platinum stag head, and the crystal bottle seem to be a steal when you take your first velvety satin sip. The scotch sat untouched for over half a century in the barrel before being poured into the bottle, this is whiskey that brings back a sense of wonder to the world.

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Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

The two million dollar bottle of cognac is the perfect show piece for your seasonal megayacht charter, pulling this beautiful piece out of your liquor cabinet on Christmas morning or to raise a toast to an ultra-special occasion is sure to create a stir. This gorgeous cognac is aged in barrels for over a century before being poured lovingly into a dashing bejeweled bottle dipped in platinum and gold and encrusted with over six thousand diamonds. Flamboyant doesn’t even start to cut it, this beautiful brandy has been declared the DNA of cognac and is claimed to be so delicate and delectable in taste that even a small sip will stay with you, lolling on the tongue for hours.

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Image from: divavodka.co.uk

Diva Vodka

Vodka seems to be the drink of the Nordic gods, a crystal clear liquid that goes down as smooth as a slip of silk and makes for the perfect toast, especially when sailing on a megayacht through the emerald ribbon like Fjords of Scandinavia or around the golden coastline of Croatia. Dive Vodka is one of the world’s most expensive spirits coming in with a hefty million dollar a bottle tagline. What makes this drink so special is the fact that it has been triple filtered through sparkling ice, Nordic charcoal and sand and precious gems. Along with being filled with the sweetest vodka, the bottle is also brimming with bright and beautiful Swarovski gems that bring an extra touch of decadence to the liquor cabinet.

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