Explore the Wonders of the French Riviera

With its turquoise and gold coastline, old hilltop villages, cobbled streets and divine glittering beaches – the French Riviera has always been a luxury adventure destination for superyachts. Gliding across the cool, vibrant waters on your luxury superyacht, indulging in morning market visits and designer shopping on the gilded streets of Nice and then staying up the stars to roll dice in the bright lights of glitzy Monaco make for the perfect Riviera experience.

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Yet there is another side of the delicious French Riviera that you can soak up for free. Captain Sputh of the prestigious luxury superyacht MY Starfire can show you the natural wonders of the famous stretch of coastline that will soothe your soul and put you back in touch with the magic of Mother Nature.

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Flora and Fragrance in the Gardens

The famous Gardens of Menton are breathtaking in beauty and alive with color and sweet scent. From the trickling water stairways of Clos Du Peyronnet to the sun splashed ceramics and elegance of the Fontana Rosa Garden, botanists and nature lovers will fall head over heels with exploring this city of lush greenery, manicured beauty and citrus soaked air.

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Alpine Elegance in the Parc du Mercantour

Rugged carved mountains racing to meet the sky, cold water streams dipping down into valleys and lonely goats chewing the cud are all part of the alpine beauty of the Parc du Mercantour. The Southern Alps give way to the warmth of the Mediterranean at one of the largest national parks in the area and allows you to disappear into the endless hiking trails that traverse the mountains. Pack a picnic of ripe artisan cheeses and a bottle of wine and find a grassy spot to watch the groups of chamois come over the valleys.

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Whales and Dolphins in the Deep

Off the billionaire coastline of the French Riviera, you can glide into the deepest blue waters and witness schools of dolphins tumbling through the waves and whales sojourning out to sea. The Pelagos Sanctuary is a protected part of the coastline and home to numerous species of exotic marine life. Nothing can compare to the sheer delight of watching a whale spurt a prism of water into the air, fan its tail and disappear back down in the warm waters.

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Blissful, Breezy Blue Islands

Escape the glass fronted boutiques and boulevards of Cannes and head to the simple pleasures of The Iles de Lérins and Sainte-Marguerite Island. This beautiful natural spot will envelop you with its fresh pine and eucalyptus fragrance, the second you step off board. Watch the birds flock to the soft shores of Batéguier pond and stroll around the historic Fort Royal and former residence of the man in the iron mask. Meander around the dazzling blue coast and dip in and out of the towering trees, indulge in a spot of wine tasting with the local monks on the monastic island of Saint Honorat and dream away the day.

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Picture perfect at every moment, from the second you set foot on the dazzling sun deck of MY Starfire the majestic white caps of the Alps are waiting, shimmering on the horizon, the changing hues of blue beneath you glitter and darken and the carved emerald cliffs roll up and down for as far as the eye can see, the French Riviera is truly a thing of beauty.

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Captain Carl Sputh

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