Exploring the Cinque Terre by Superyacht

Approaching the shimmering pastel hues of Italy’s Cinque Terre be prepared for your Captain to invite you to gaze at the sun glazed view. The remarkable sight of brightly colored buildings clinging to the rocky face, of wooden jetty’s jutting out into the sea and of every crevice crammed with emerald greenery deserves a deep intake of breath. The five villages that make the UNESCO world heritage wonder of Cinque Terre are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterroso and each and every one has something spectacular to offer.

Exploring Cinque Terre by Superyacht 1

Captain Sputh and MY Starfire can show you the delights of the Cinque Terre, anchor offshore and spend days discovering the world’s best seafood, take a kayak from your superyacht and discover the hidden coasts, hike the hilly paths that thread the villages together and wake each day to enjoy a blissful brunch on board with postcard perfect views.

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Wander the Light Blue Trail

Superyacht charters can swing around the Cinque Terre or active visitors seeking to explore on foot ca follow the Light Blue Trail that weaves through the cliffs. The walk takes you teetering on the edge with the sparkling blue waters spread out beneath your feet, stop a while to watch the boats glisten on the horizon or to pick the honeyed figs and wild garlic that adorns the hillside.

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Snorkel Close to Riomaggiore

For beach bliss anchor close to the shores of Riomaggiore where the waters teem with life. Dive down into blue jeweled waves and discover an underwater tapestry or grab a kayak from your superyacht and explore the winding craggy coast. There is something incredibly humbling about splashing in the waters of Riomaggiore and watching an old fisherman patiently cast his line and pull his cap down over his eyes to snatch a sweet siesta.

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Dine on Fresh Mussels in Vernazza

The Ligurian Sea boasts one of the world’s best underwater larders with an abundance of seafood that seems to pair perfectly with the local wine curated from the pearl like Vermintino grapes. The area is infamous for its silvery anchovies, fat pink prawns and creamy mussels plucked straight from the seabed. Be sure to head to GamberoRosso in Vernazza and order a piled porcelain plate of fresh spaghetti with stuffed mussels, washed down with a shot of citrusy bright limoncello for an authentic Italian coastal experience.

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Wine Tasting in Monterroso

Monterroso is the village to head for when you feel like indulging in a little sip, swirl and shopping action. This is the place where you will find breathy white linens that blow beautifully in the breeze, tan leather sandals and mouthwatering olive oils to take back on your superyacht. This is also the spot where you can find the oldest wineries in the region. Indulge in a few tasters of the favored dry whites and the cloying burst of sweetness that floods the tongue from sipping the sciacchetrà dessert wine.

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Movies and Magic on your Superyacht

As the sun starts to make her descent and bathes the villages in a pretty orange blossom hue that complements the aroma of rosemary, salt and citrus you can savor the moment with a glass of wine in any of the terraces that boast sublime sea views. Back at the jetty your superyacht tender is waiting to take you back to the calming oasis of MY Starfire.

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Enjoy a moonlit supper on deck with fresh local produce turned into something special from the chef and gaze across the bay at the twinkling lights that seem to drape around the mountainside. After dinner you can curl up under a soft blanket at MY Starfire’s open air cinema and watch The Talented Mr. Ripley, Le Dolce Vita or Cinema Paradiso and revel in the simple grace of rustic Italy.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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