Exquisite Caribbean Experiences on your Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury yacht charters and the Caribbean lifestyle complement each other to perfection, there’s something about waking early and diving into the lapping warm waters, of spending afternoons snorkeling, and evenings with a rum in hand watching the sunset. Life just doesn’t seem to get any better. There are some Caribbean experiences that are a must; from swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman to dancing surrounded by a fiesta of color in the carnivals of Trinidad and Tobago. MY Starfire is one of those glorious luxury yacht charters that can show you the world – including every nook and cranny of the Caribbean. With your own onboard spa, cinema beneath the stars, dedicated chef to whip up those freshly caught lobsters and a swift footed crew who understand the perfect time to hand you that rum cocktail – this is the paradise you have been dreaming of.

Caribbean Experiences - MY STARFIRE SUPERYACHT

Dive into the Deep

An underwater plethora of color is waiting to dazzle beneath the radiant hues of blue that make up the Caribbean Sea. With your own private dive instructor onboard MY Starfire you can truly drift down to the depths where the coral blooms and exquisite shoals of fishes fan their tails in an elegant dance. Beautiful Bonaire is considered the diving capital of the world and with reefs literally fringing the shoreline there’s no need to travel far.

Hike Dominica

Hailed as the Nature Island, there is something wild and torn and poetic about the island of Dominica. This is a place rampant with vines and silvery waterfalls, dark dense jungle and beaches flanked by palm forests. Wake early on your luxury yacht charter and take the tender to shore before the sun reaches her peak. MY Starfire can arrange local guides to take you along the Waitukubuli National Trail where you pass through working farmlands, colorful communities, UNESCO reserves and wild and untamed coastal areas.


Caribbean Experiences - MY STARFIRE SUPERYACHT

Go Wild in Duty Free

With all that glorious duty free shopping the Caribbean is nothing short of a spender’s paradise. From sweet scented perfumes to designer goodies, sparkling jewels, world class liquors and more –  you can find it all. After a lingering mimosa and fresh fruit lunch aboard MY Starfire you can head to the famous destination of St. Thomas, downtown Willemstad in Curacao, or even Paradise Island in the beautiful Bahamas.

Swim with Stingrays

Luxury super yacht adventures are sometimes all about those moments or sheer and unadulterated happiness, having one of a kind experiences, and plunging into life with both feet. Swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman is one of these moments. Not only can you snorkel across the cool coral reefs but you can swim alongside, touch, and even cuddle the friendly flat stingrays that fill the waters of Stingray City.

Caribbean Experiences - MY STARFIRE SUPERYACHT

Take your Horse Swimming

There is no greater feeling of freedom than holding onto a horse as you gallop across the pale powdered sands. Imagine then, if the horse was to turn and ride straight for the shimmering blue sea, plunging in to soak you with delicious coolness. Jamaica is one of the most famed destinations for being able to ride horses bareback into the ocean to swim. With the wind in your hair, the horse foot sure, free and poised in perfect flight, and the water soft and turquoise – this is one of those bucket list experiences to revel in.

Drink the Finest Rum

The best rums in the world can be found soaking up the shores of the Caribbean, whether you shoot it straight with ice, drizzle it into a freshly cut coconut or go crazy with a creamy Pina Colada, you will adore the fiery sweet kiss of rum on your lips. Aboard MY Starfire you can sip rum splashing in the bubbling Jacuzzi, lounging on deck watching the sunset melt the sky, or even late at night before bed beneath a blanket of soft and swirling stars. Tortuga Rum from the Cayman Islands is one of the most revered brands. For something a little pricier you can crack open a taste of Pyrat Rum or choose the gloriously delicate Rhum Clement from Anguilla

Caribbean Experiences - MY STARFIRE SUPERYACHT

Dance at the Carnivals

Sultry nights sparked by rhythm and color are waiting for you on the feather and sequined shores of Trinidad and Tobago. Running in March and February you can truly let your hair down and prepare to go wild. The streets pulsate with vibrant reds and saffron yellows, the calypso music echoes out across the streets, the costumes are jaw dropping in their revelry and the rum flows fast. There is no better way to end carnival than back on MY Starfire where you can unwind with a little pampering at the onboard spa, snooze on the sun soaked aft deck and have the chef whip you up a delicious detox smoothie.

Eat the Freshest Fish

When you spend all day splashing in sea and sleeping on sand the idea of chowing down on the sweetest most succulent fresh fish swimming in coconut and spice sounds simply heavenly. The Caribbean is famed for its food finesse; from fresh lobsters lashed in garlicky butter at the BVI to Caribbean flavors with a French twist on the shores of Martinique, thick cuts of fish expertly caught and cooked in St Lucia, all washed down with the finest rum you can find. Whether you dine on deck with dishes curated from your own private chef of MY Starfire or if you hit the local shacks scattering the sands, this is a delectable experience not to be missed.


Caribbean Experiences - MY STARFIRE SUPERYACHT

Discover your Own Desert Island

One of the perfect pleasures of a superyacht charter is the fact that you can cut loose from the crowds and find your own piece of pristine paradise. Nothing compares to seeing that yours are the only footprints in the sand, to enjoy a gourmet picnic in the shade of the trees with only the ones you love, and to gaze at the shimmering blue horizon without another soul in sight. The Salt Cays of the Turks and Caicos is a sneeze of sand and endless miles of sapphire, turquoise and jade green hues. Barbuda is a glassy pink pearl dropped in the midst of the sea, and the Out Islands are a remote treasure trove of abandoned plantain homes, plunging blue holes, and castaway dreams.

Find Perfect Pampering in St Barts

When you have had your fill of the onboard spa on MY Starfire you can seek perfect pampering a little closer to land. St. Barts certainly knows how to leave you lingering in sheer bliss with its collection of high class spas boasting sublime ocean views, delicious recipes to detox, and scrubs and treatments that truly call on the bounty of the natural world. The Hotel Guanahani & Spa is far enough from the bustling streets to provide the perfect respite and offers unrivalled views across the bay whilst you indulge in a signature Clarins spa treatment, a fabulous fruit and salt scrub, and a bespoke rebalancing massage with a generous drizzle of essential oils.

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