Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht Charter

Hailed as the ultimate choice for the rich and the famous, superyacht charters can provide a dream environment for those who want to see the world in style. Refresh your senses as soon as you wake up by diving  into the Caribbean Sea; linger over long open deck lunches with inspired antipasti fresh from the shores of Sorrento and step ashore in silk and pearls after your superyacht soiree for nights on the town of Monaco. These are the moments that bring the beauty of superyacht living to the surface and the little extras onboard take the experience to a dizzying new level.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 1

MY Starfire offers sublime surroundings to enjoy your next adventure on the high seas, whether you want to spend winters lapping up the warmth of the Bahamas or spring mornings watching the tumbling waterfalls crash into the Fjords of Norway, Captain Sputh and his team can ensure that your every whim is catered for. When selecting a stunning superyacht for exploring the jeweled coastlines of the globe you want to ensure that your charter has all the extras you need…

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 2

Toys and Tenders

With the ocean as your playground there is nothing more tempting on sun glazed days then splashing in the white capped surf. From feeling the ocean spray mist your face as you water ski across the Bahamas to taking a jet ski and discovering the secret nooks and crannies of Greece’s Cyclops islands, salty hair, bronzed skin and the surge of adrenaline that comes with watersports makes a superyacht experience an incredible way to spend the day.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 3

MY Starfire boasts all kinds of tenders and toys and even has a qualified diver on board. You can snorkel across mirrored Caribbean waters, seabob your way along the Turkish Coast and take a kayak out around the pirate coves and abandoned shipwrecks of the British Virgin Islands.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 4

A Jacuzzi and Spa

After all those hours spent throwing your all into fun fueled watersports, hitting every cultural city along the coast and spending from dusk until dawn enthralled by the social magic of the French Riviera you need to take some time to relax. You want to find a superyacht that can offer you the environment you need to unwind without setting foot onshore.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 5

Spend sultry afternoons sipping champagne in the Jacuzzi of MY Starfire, being unraveled by healing hands in the Zen like massage room and dipping in and out of the sauna to soothe tired muscles. A fabulous superyacht vacation should be a delight for all the senses and should realign your body, mind and soul.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 6

A Well-Stocked Bar

From bright and zesty Bloody Marys in the morning to a cold continental beer for lunch, a champagne aperitif in the Jacuzzi and a bottle of the finest vintage with a starlight supper, a well-stocked bar can make everyday a celebration. Whilst living the high life isn’t always about lashings of alcohol sometimes it feels nice to unwind with fun and fruity cocktails, to savor the taste of a Sicilian white on the blossoming shores and to toast the end of an evening with a mature oak scotch.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 7

MY Starfire always offers guests the finest top shelf spirits and wines you could wish for because life on a superyacht charter truly is worth celebrating.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 8

An Open Air Cinema

On those evenings when you don’t quite feel like hitting the hottest restaurants in town, breezing in and out of the trendiest bars or throwing a superyacht soiree that is sure to last until the last star fades, then you need some entertainment on board. Sometimes there is nothing cozier and more serene then curling up under a cashmere blanket and watching a classic film on the silver screen.

Extra Luxuries you Need on your Superyacht 9

With MY Starfire’s innovative outdoor cinema you can snuggle up on plush chairs and enjoy movie night beneath the glittering stars. Whether it’s watching Castaway a stone’s throw away from your own desert island or falling in love with The Talented Mr. Ripley on the Italian Riviera this is an unforgettable viewing experience.


Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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