Favorite Superyachts on the Silver Screen

The ultimate symbol of wealth, power and adventure, superyachts and the silver screen seem to perfectly complement each other when the story calls for class. Whether it’s James Bond chasing the bad guy on a snug and sassy luxury boat or billionaire tycoons living the life of Riley out in the midst of the deep blue, the superyacht lifestyle is one of wonder. My Starfire can be your very own film set from the second you set foot onboard. With this luxury boat charter you can soak up a sleek world brimming with beauty, imagine mornings on the aft deck rustling the papers, afternoons careening around tropical locations on your high powered Jet Ski and spending the sultry evenings surrounded by tuxedos and pearls in one of Monaco’s swanky casinos. Afterwards you can curl up on the deck of My Starfire and watch your favorite superyacht movie on the big screen whilst sipping a high class nightcap and snuggling beneath a cashmere blanket. Take a look at these superyachts that have graced the silver screen…

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Lady M – The Wolf of Wall Street
Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio come together for a filthy rich binge of excess and debauchery with The Wolf of Wall Street. Based on a true life tale of Jordan Belfort you can throw yourself head first into a world of wild grandiose parties, lashings of champagne, stacks of money, FBI agents on the trail, and sinking ships. The superyacht featured in this film sets the scene for some of the movies most memorable moments, the fair Lady M is a 44m wonder with a baby grand, cool marble floors, wet bar, bubbling Jacuzzi and enough gold accents to make her look like a floating palace. Throw your own Wolf of Wall Street inspired party with a luxury boat charter on My Starfire, crack the champagne, turn up the music and find your inner wild child as you coast along the glitzy shores of the French Riviera.

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M3 Casino Royale
There is something about Bond and superyachts that seems to mesh beautifully. The M3 luxury motor yacht made its dazzling appearance in Casino Royale, and its elegant and classy polished wood, its touch of sunseeker class, its spot lighting, spacious interiors and incredibly sleek design seemed to suit Daniel Craig down to a tee. She may not be a superyacht but she is a beautiful little thing at 54 foot and when you glimpse her trailing across the green waters of Venice with Bond at the helm you cannot help but fall head over heels in love. Whilst the luxury boat charter My Starfire may be a lofty slice bigger she still comes with plenty of bond inspired toys and tenders to play with. Take out the sea bob for a super speed underwater adventure, or razz along the canals of Venice on a Jet Ski, don’t forget to finish another day of superyacht bliss with a martini, shaken not stirred.

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White Knight Bourne Identity
The sumptuous and sleek superyacht aptly named the White Knight in the film seemed to almost be made for the espionage thriller of the Bourne Identity. The glorious snow colored yacht played a major role in the role, especially when it came to one of the key edge of your seat moments. You can often find the White Knight sailing around the shores of the Med, and at a lusciously spacious 46m it’s no wonder she looked larger than life on the silver screen. Think lots of beautifully polished teak, plump white sink down sofas, signature and classy designs and al fresco dining spaces that are all about corking champagne. The My Starfire also boasts an incredibly decadent al fresco dining space along with several other sublime rooms for feasting and supper soirees. You can reminisce of the heart in your throat moments of Hollywood whilst raising a toast to good friends and the good life aboard your own luxury boat charter.

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R Rendezvous Donnie Brasco
It is kind of hard to ‘forget about it’ once you have spied the sleek and sensual design of the R Rendezvous, star of the mafia movie Donnie Brasco. Al Pacino and Johnny Depp came together in this true life masterpiece about an FBI agent who infiltrates the Italian mafia. The scene where they take the superyacht out onto the waters resounded with intense drama, which seemed to work beautifully against the light and illustrious backdrop of white linen, polished teak decks and the blue eye of the ocean soaked in sunlight. This is the type of superyacht life you have been looking for, one where you want to don the finest Italian silk suit you can find, sip aperitifs in the sun and have intense conversations on the lusciously large sundeck. On board My Starfire you can even step it up a notch with a sink down champagne party in the hot tub.


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