Fetiye and Oludeniz on a Superyacht Charter

Superyacht charter guests will adore the glittering coast of Turkey with its sweeping sugar sands, woven turquoise waters and rambling old towns ripe with the scent of dark coffee and fresh seafood. Along the glitzy stretch of famous coastline, Fetiye and Oludeniz stand out as being the hallmarks of beauty, culture and class and are a must for superyacht guests exploring the exotic charms of Turkey.

Fetiye and Oludeniz on a Superyacht Charter 1

MY Starfire is a luxury superyacht where tailored experiences are perfectly curated to show you the best of brilliant Turkey. With inspired interior décor and an incredibly professional crew you can enjoy Fetiye and Oludeniz in pure unadulterated luxury. Spend the mornings dipping into the azure blue; relax on the blissful sundeck with a cocktail in hand gazing at the lush sprawl of the Babadag Mountain and let Captain Sputh show you the rare delights of the turquoise coast in style.

Fetiye and Oludeniz on a Superyacht Charter 2

Stroll through Paspatur

The old town of Fetiye is a dreamy place to take a stroll and soak up the ambiance of a true Turkish town.  The shady tight winding alleys will pass you by the bright windows of crafty boutiques and side walk cafes spilling onto the street. Explore the rainbow woven Turkish textiles and be sure to swing by Fetiye Market on a Tuesday morning to admire the jeweled fruits, golden jars of honey and baskets of spice piercing the air with sweet and heady aromas.

Fetiye and Oludeniz on a Superyacht Charter 3

Drift Across the Blue Lagoon

The dazzling beauty of Oludeniz will take your breath-away as soon as you glimpse the turquoise lagoon shimmering like diamonds and flanked by rolling emerald cliffs. The crescent of soft sand, the bright paragliders circling overhead and the scent of fresh pine rolling down the mountain makes Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon one of the most spectacular places in Turkey. Boasting five-star amenities you can dive off the superyacht and spend the day sipping chilled drinks in the shade, indulging in a spot of perfect pampering at the spa and dining on some of the finest food along the coast.

Fetiye and Oludeniz on a Superyacht Charter 4

Fly From the Mountains

Give yourself the gift of an unforgettable memory in Fetiye and fly from the Babadag Mountains. Paragliding is an exquisite activity that allows you to cast a bird’s eye view across the glittering lagoons and waters of Oludeniz and Fetiye. Admire the panorama of thick pine tree forests, the endless blue horizon and pale stretches of sand. With an experienced pilot ensuring your safety, you can simply feel the soft salt breeze kissing your skin and soak up the serenity of the moment.

Fetiye and Oludeniz on a Superyacht Charter 5

Explore the Antique City

A trip to Fetiye wouldn’t be complete without dabbling in the rich history that colors the Turkish coast. The Pinara Antique City was once a thriving city for the Lycian’s and dates back to as early as the 5th Century BC. Nestled in the bosom of the mountains surrounded by ancient olive groves and the scent of wild thyme, the mystical aura of Pinara is something to experience. the off the beaten track historical site of splendor remains largely unknown that means you can touch the honeycombed burial tombs and walk the crumbling ruins in peace.

Fetiye and Oludeniz on a Superyacht Charter 6

Catch a Sunset in Calis

Sail your luxury superyacht across the calm mirrored waters to the soft lit shores of Calis. This is one of the best places along the coast to catch a Midas touch sunset. Sit on the beautiful sundeck of MY Starfire and sip a glass of champagne as you watch the sky flood with gold and rose hues setting the mountains on fire before making way for a smattering of stars.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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