Five Superyacht Breakfasts For The Discerning Palate

There is probably not a better feeling in the world than waking up to glistening rays of sunshine dancing off azure waters. The gentle waves lapping against the hull of your superyacht nestled in the shallows of a secret bay are like an early-morning beacon, indicating that it is time to kick start another fabulous day. To start your day off in pizzazz, here are five superyacht breakfast options conjured up by Chef Stuart Chambers of MY Starfire, a 178′ Benetti superyacht for charter.

MY Starfire superyacht breakfast

“Eggs and Soldiers” Soft Boiled Eggs Topped with Beluga Caviar and served with Country Seeded Loaf and Crème Fraiche

It is never too early for fine caviar. The combination of lightly peppered soft boiled eggs and the saltiness of caviar combines the best of land and sea in one bite. The intensity of the caviar is soothed by the toasted bread and neutrality of the cream.

MY Starfire superyacht breakfast spread

Fried Quail Eggs on Buckwheat Pancakes topped with Salmon Roe, Shallots and Cream Cheese, and served with Pickled Cucumber

The classic simplicity of over-easy eggs and pancakes are elevated to another level by using exotic tiny quail eggs. The heavy density and nutty taste of the buckwheat pancakes are lightened by the brininess of the roe, fresh zest of chopped shallots and sweetness of the cream cheese. The pickled cucumbers are a palate cleanser and the perfect side to an already perfect meal.

MY Starfire Upper Deck Aft Dining

Shakshuka Eggs poached in a Spicy Tomato Sauce, served with Pita Bread and Humus

If you are cruising the Mediterranean then you will have no problems getting your hands on fresh ingredients to make this delicious main course. This popular Israeli dish of delicately poached eggs is heightened by the sweet and spicy tomato sauce. The strong flavors of turmeric, cumin and paprika really bring out the flavors in the thick sauce. Mop up the leftovers with fresh pita bread and end the meal on a high note with the rest of the pita and humus.

MY Starfire Upper Deck Aft Dining Experience

Crepes stuffed with Spinach and Mushroom a la crème, served with Hollandaise Sauce

Crepes and Hollandaise sauce are French comfort foods so it is no surprise that the two go beautifully together. The stars of the show, spinach and mushrooms, cooked in a rich cream-based sauce are the perfect combination of salty and savory. The mild flavored crepes that the vegetables are stuffed into do not draw too much attention away from the richness of this dish. The creamy and buttery taste of fresh Hollandaise sauce perfectly complements its counterparts.

MY Starfire superyacht lounge

Smoked Haddock and Saffron Potato Rosti served with Pancetta wrapped Asparagus Spears and Béarnaise Sauce

Pair seafood and the best cuts of pork belly with warm and savory potatoes. The gentle crunch of the asparagus spears wrapped in soft pancetta and dipped in buttery Béarnaise sauce is absolutely divine. The distinctive saltiness of the smoked fish and side of exotic saffron potatoes seals the deal when it comes to the ultimate hearty breakfast.

MY Starfire superyacht for charter

To complement each superyacht breakfast selection, pair it with a mimosa made with freshly squeezed orange juice and the finest Champagne, an aromatic cup of freshly brewed aromatic coffee and merry banter with other charter guests.

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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