Gourmet Teas & Coffees to Start Your Day on a Superyacht

Waking up early to watch the sunrise shimmer on the surface of the sea, nibbling on freshly baked pastries and feeling the buttery morning breeze kiss your skin, this is what luxury yacht charter mornings are all about. Whether sailing to the spring fresh shores of Italy or the hazy blue and white of the Bahamas, MY Starfire is the drifting oasis that can take you there. With a private chef onboard, delectable aft dining, and impeccable sea views, this is sure to be a superyacht breakfast fit for kings to start your day on a superyacht.

Of course it wouldn’t be the perfect breakfast without lifting a steaming cup of something special to your lips. Coffee is the perfect pick me up for those mornings when you don’t want to start the day with a dive into the deep blue sea, and tea is a dreamy sip of something soft and subtle that keeps you feeling calm and ready to face the world outside your cabin window. Take a look at these elegant teas and deliriously good coffees that are well worth waking up for.



Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Hawaii

There is something about lush green garden lands, dark and brooding volcanic slopes, the glorious salt whipped air, the sound of crashing surf, and the scent of hibiscus that makes Hawaiian coffee taste so good. The Kona coffee is grown on the Mauna Loa’s and Hualalai’s slopes, the taste is as bright and clear as a summers morning, both delicate and full bodied, and blooms with the aroma of chocolate, caramel and the velvet night sky. Thanks to the decadent dark and rich soil, the berries grow fat and ripe enabling Hawaii to curate the best Kona coffee. A majestic morning coffee for early risers aboard MY Starfire seeking a dose of heaven before their morning swim.



Da-Hong Pao Tea, China

The most expensive tea in the entire world carries with it the legend of the Ming Dynasty. This tea is said to be the ancient secret that cured one of the mothers of the dynasty emperors. Today the same bush from where the precious tea was picked still exists on the sacred rocks of Mount Wuyi. This tea costs an eye watering million dollars for a thousand grams and sourcing the special tea to buy is no easy feat. A lingering floral fragrance, a sweet whisper on the tongue, and fully rounded bloom makes this medicinal tea a rare indulgence.



Weasel Coffee Vietnam

For those adventurous connoisseurs who want to sip a conversation starter whilst gliding on MY Starfire into some of the most decadent marinas in the world, what could be more captivating then pouring your luxury charter guests a cup of weasel poo coffee. This Vietnamese treat is super specialist and the coffee is nothing short of extravagant with a smoky taste that mingles with chocolate. The weasels are fed exclusively on the red coffee berries, the dung is then collected, washed and dried out in the humid sun before being roasted into beautiful beans. The result is a strong delectable coffee that packs a perfect punch and is an amazing end to a silver service dinner on the white linen deck of MY Starfire.


MY-Starfire-Gourmet Tea and Coffee Start Your Day on a Superyacht

Silver Tips Imperial Tea, Makaibari Tea Estate, India

At the gorgeously green draped foothills of the Himalayas the oldest estate in Darjeeling curates one of the world’s most spectacular teas. The love and adoration that goes into creating this poetic tea is truly mesmerizing as it is picked only on a full moon and woven with streaks of sparkling silver. Darjeeling tea is famous for its delicacy, and the silver tip is blended to bring out those subtle flavors meshed with frangipani and mango. The cosmic energy of tasting the earth and the moon means that this is a tea to be enjoyed beneath the stars. Pour a cup or two and enjoy in the midst of the velvet night on the deck of your luxury yacht charter.

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