Honeymoon Islands in Greece for Superyacht Charters

Imagine waking to the sound of gentle surf, untangling yourself from rich cotton sheets and sharing a beautiful breakfast on the sundeck with the best view across the whitewashed and sapphire islands of Greece. MY Starfire is the perfect vessel to help you celebrate your unique love with a dash of privacy, luxury and the freedom to experience and explore the finer things in life.

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Stately surroundings, bottles of champagne, a personal chef, a private Jacuzzi and the beauty of the Greek Islands on your doorstep, these are the perfect ingredients for a superyacht charter honeymoon that soaks the world in joy. From sunsets in Santorini to hidden blue pools and ancient mythology, these are the best honeymoon islands in Greece for superyacht charters.

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Rising from the Aegean Sea, the shores of Santorini are always hypnotic with their snow white walls and cobalt rooftops encased in a golden glow. This is an island famous for its melting red and orange sunsets, its rising volcano and its rose colored beaches with incredibly warm waters.

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You will never get tired of sitting in the Jacuzzi on the deck of MY Starfire with a glass of godly wine and watching the sky paint her face with an array of colors come dusk. From wine tasting in the rustic vineyards to buying precious stones in Fira, sinking into mineral mud baths under the volcano and dining on seafood whilst clinging to the cliffs in Oia, Santorini is the very epitome of romance.

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Achilles once ducked down and hid amongst the pines in Skyros and since that day the island has been soaked in mystical charm. The two sides of the island are very different, one boasts sun beached plains and a craggy coastline that glows against the deep blue hues of the lashing tide, the other is soft and supple with farmlands rolling gently to meld with sweet and fragrant forests. With MY Starfire as your luxury floating home you can spend days snorkeling in the marine rich waters, meandering through the narrow winding streets and fingering folklore crafts with love. When the dusk settles across the bay enjoy a candlelit supper of fresh seafood on the deck of your luxury superyacht.

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Colorful Corfu seems to somehow capture the excitement of young love with its historical splendor, its timeless stories and its rich tapestry of dramatic beauty. This is an idyllic superyacht honeymoon destination and one where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Private beaches and secluded shores are scattered along the coast and with MY Starfire you can explore them all and carve your initials upon the sand.

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Take a horse drawn carriage ride through the delightful old town and alight your imagination with a visit to the Achillion Palace. Before the last rays peter out, ask Captain Sputh of My Starfire to charter you to a secret beach and sit beneath the first milky stars with a picnic of dolmades, fat olives, soft bread, crumbled feta and olive oil to celebrate the sunset.

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The flushed green island nestled off the coast of Rhodes is simply breathtaking with its candy colored mansions, dark blond cliffs and indigo waters. This is a honeymooner’s delight; spend mornings dipping in and out of the pristine waters, stroll along the pretty promenade, sigh in heavenly disbelief at the Monastery of Panormitis, and return to the superyacht for a special couples massage onboard. Blue coves and beaches, golden wines and honey, these are things that make Symi such an attractive place to escape into a lovers paradise.

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With MY Starfire every moment of your honeymoon is made special, whether you want to spend your days in spa bliss, unwinding on the sun deck, snuggled beneath the stars and dining on meze delights, or if you prefer days thrummed with adventure, hiking through volcanic valleys and perfecting the art of watersports, with superyacht charters the emphasis is on tailoring the world around you so your perfect dreams come true.

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