How to Choose Your Superyacht

Chartering your superyacht to exotic and far flung shores is the perfect way to chase the summer. Spring on the French Riviera, summer on the lemon swept shores of Sicily and warm winters soaking up the Polynesian sun tempts you across the waves to find your own oasis. Yet choosing the best superyacht is a decision not to be taken too lightly.

You want to ensure the best service upon the seas and a nautical home that breathes luxury into every special moment. To help you decide which superyacht to charter, Captain Sputh of MY Starfire gives you a few insider’s tips.

Crew Longevity

Before chartering a superyacht, ask your broker or the captain about the crew. If you notice that the majority of the crew members of the team is fairly new, you may need to ask a few more questions. Crew longevity means that you will be served by a team that has been through it all. They know what works and what doesn’t, therefore you can be assured a higher level of service than on a superyacht with a rotating crew.


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Although you may be tempted to charter a recently launched superyacht for its state-of-the-art amenities, remember that the crew still needs to work together for several months to provide you with the utmost level of service.

Selecting the Suites

One of the most important considerations to make before you set sail is the number of guests who will be accompanying you on-board your superyacht charter. Cramped quarters out on the ocean may hinder the experience and you need to ensure that everyone has an opulent space to call their own. Cabin size matters and with the new and innovative designs of many superyachts you can select something suitable for several couples, a whole family or a romantic charter for just the two of you.


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Award Winning Designs and Décor

Style and design is another essential factor when it comes to choosing your superyacht. You want to feel comfortable on your adventure and this means selecting the surroundings that suit your lifestyle.


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Some people prefer sailing to their dream destination swathed in luxury with bespoke silver service. Others would enjoy a more minimalist setting with chic modern designs and a smaller more personal team to serve their needs.


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Toys on Board

It’s the amenities and features that can really make a superyacht charter stand out on the dock. If you are looking for a superyacht adventure where the days are filled with scuba diving, jet skiing and more then you want to find a yacht that has these toys on board. You can choose superyachts that come complete with a scuba instructor to deliver a personal approach to what lies beneath the waves.


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The Best Chef on the Seas

Fine wining and dining aboard your luxury superyacht will make your stay at sea complete and looking for the best chef is something worth considering. Starting the day with a decadent breakfast on the deck and late night supping on fresh lobster and champagne can add a touch of decadence and unrivalled pleasure to your journey. Many superyachts will tailor their menu to meet your expectations but you still want to glance over the credentials of your chef.


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Tenders to Land

For those who don’t want to spend their summer trawl away from the land then you will need a superyacht with your preferred tenders or way of getting from the sea to the shore when docking is not possible. Always ask about the method of tenders available when selecting the best superyacht charter for you.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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