Indulge in Monaco by Night

Sun soaked days in Monaco are all about indulging in the superyacht lifestyle. The French Riviera boasts world class shopping, warm Mediterranean waters and plenty of fast cars perfect for exploring the coast that stretches into the charming seaside towns of Italy.

Indulge in Monaco by Night 2

MY Starfire fits snugly into the super luxurious scene that makes Monaco such a sought after destination for the rich and the famous. Afternoons lounging on the lavish sundeck, being pampered from head to toe and then hitting the boutique lines of Louis Vuitton and Hermes ensures that you experience only the best when it comes to multi-millionaire playground. Yet when the sun melts away and the stars start to prickle in the sky this is when Monaco truly bursts to life.

Indulge in Monaco by Night MYStarfire

Take a glimpse at these must try destinations to swing by after dark.

For Celeb Spotting… Jimmy’z

No superyacht adventure to Monaco would be complete without calling in at the hottest spot in town. Jimmy’z has been serving up bottles of exquisite champagne to all the celebs for the past thirty years and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The beautiful Japanese gardens are fabulous for lounging with a glass of wine and indulging in the art of conversation. For those who want to don their Prada heels the dance floor is always flooded with rock stars and occasionally even royalty.

Indulge in Monaco by Night Jimmyz

For the Height of Sophistication…The Living Room

If you love to spend star studded nights surrounded by sophistication then The Living Room is the perfect place to be. Getting through the door can be quite a challenge but this up-market piano bar is famous for its delectable nibbles, expertly curated long drinks and dreamy décor. The DJ is world class and ensures that the sounds spilling across the dance floor are picked for the more mature crowd looking for an all-night adventure.

Indulge in Monaco by Night The Living Room

For Brilliant Beer with a Local Feel…The Brasserie

If you are simply looking for those hard to find laid back vibes in Monaco after dark then The Brasserie is sure to be your knight in shining armor. This divine little nook brews its own rich, organic beer and you can indulge in tasting sessions at the chic bar. With a terrace right on the main port this is only a stone’s throw away from your luxury superyacht and a perfect place for watching the yachts drift across the bright blue sea.

Indulge in Monaco by Night The Brasserie

For Old World Glamour and a Roll of the Dice…Casino de Monte Carlo

Everyone knows that the glitz and the glamour after hours is all about throwing the dice and laying down your cards at the world’s most exciting casinos. The Casino de Monte Carlo is truly awe inspiring with its sparkling stained glass windows, its marble sculptures and its beautiful unique art adorning the walls. Everyone who flocks through the doors does so in their best dress and he old world ambience is truly electric with every ounce of European flair.

Indulge in Monaco by Night Casino de Monte Carlo

For Divine Decadence…MY Starfire

Sometimes after a hedonistic day of splashing the cash, stepping ashore and swimming in crystal clear waters nothing can beat a touch of class and calm back on the superyacht. Throw your own supper soiree in the majestic surroundings of MY Starfire or sit out on the deck with a fresh cocktail in hand and watch the lights glittering along the coast.

Indulge in Monaco by Night MYStarfire 2


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