Inspiration for Themed Vacations on a Superyacht Charter

Superyacht charters can be the perfect base for intrepid exploration, discovering dream destinations and enjoying the finer things in life. The world seems to be changing and it seems that more and more affluent people want to invest in experience; MY Starfire is one of those superyachts that simply believes in giving more.

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A superyacht charter vacation is about the journey, it’s about those moments like a warm towel embracing you after your morning dip in the ocean, a freshly squeezed cocktail handed to you in the Jacuzzi, strolling the markets with the chef to plan the perfect supper and being encouraged to embrace spontaneity every day. Those superyacht guests who want to curate the perfect trip across the seas can find divine inspiration in themed vacations on a superyacht charter and Captain Carl Sputh will be only too glad to welcome you on board the luxury of MY Starfire and take you there.

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Fabulous Food Affairs

Connoisseurs of the finest cuisine will adore traveling around the shores of the Mediterranean to seek an array of taste at every port. From the hearty fish bouillabaisse of the French Riviera to the sweeping olive groves and stuffed vine leaves of Greece, the Sicilian eggplant stew enriched with mountain herbs and the salty cheese and warm russets of bread from Croatia, the waters around Europe are crammed with flavor.

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MY Starfire can take you across the shores to wander the bountiful markets of Italy, to dine in Michelin Star restaurants in France and to sip mint tea and pick at honey soaked baklava on the glittering coast of Turkey. The chefs on MY Starfire take food seriously but they also like to play, every time you sit down for a beautiful brunch, afternoon nibble or evening supper you will be swept away by the culinary creativity, the passion for taste and the love of the finest ingredients.

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Caribbean Golf Courses

Imagine spending morning’s brunching, lazing with the papers in the aft deck and dipping in and out of the Jacuzzi on your superyacht before indulging in afternoons teeing off on the most prestigious courses in the whole of the Caribbean. Feel the salt breeze kiss your skin, admire views of endless blue and sip coconut rums in the cool and class of the clubhouse.

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From the signature style of Jim Fazio’s trump Course in the Grenadines to the Punta Espada in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean Isles are filled to the brim with beautiful designs, challenging holes and incredible views of paradise. MY Starfire can take you island hopping to la crème de la crème for the perfect golf lovers holiday that blends sport, relaxation, a touch of pampering and the best beaches in the world.

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European Art and Architecture

From the crumbling ruins of Ancient Greece to modern art in Marseille, the clanging bells of mosques in Istanbul and the famous renaissance greats in Italy, old world Europe is a treasure trove of art and architecture. MY Starfire will peel back the mysteries and show you the shores of Italy, the French Riviera, Turkey, Croatia and Greece.

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You can tiptoe through Gothic cathedrals; admire the work of Michelangelo, fall in love with medinas and mosques, uncover ottoman treasures, see ancient myth spring to life and breathe in the splendor of the imperial arts. A curated trip to discover the ancient cultures of Europe will weave culture, taste, sound and stories into each and every day. When combining these ingredients with the graceful luxuries of a superyacht vacation you have the recipe for something truly special.

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Snorkeling Tours in Paradise

Those who want to make the most of cruising across pristine blue waters with crystal clear vision and underwater rainbows can choose to take a snorkeling tour of paradise. With a certified diving instructor on board and Captain Sputh’s insider knowledge of the Caribbean shores why not drift away into a world of discovery.

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Spend your Caribbean love affair swimming with Parrotfish in the Turks and Caicos, playing in Stingray city in the Grand Cayman and diving into the depths of the blue hole in beautiful Belize. Snorkeling in the morning, relaxing on board in the afternoon and watching sunsets melt across the Caribbean skies with a cocktail in hand makes for the perfect adventure out at sea with MY Starfire.

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