What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter

Live the life you deserve with an ocean bound adventure on a luxury superyacht charter. There is something special about taking the time to explore the seas swathed in luxury and with a new horizon on the cards at every turn.

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From Christmas on the shores of the Caribbean to spring time magic on the glittering Turquoise Coast, superyacht adventures allow the world to be your precious oyster. Just as you would take the time and precision when choosing a hotel, you need to ensure that you select your superyacht charter carefully to curate the perfect experience.

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Knowing what makes a superyacht a floating oasis can be a great place to start. Captain Sputh of the decadent and delightful superyacht, MY Starfire knows how to craft an experience to ensure that guests get every ounce of luxury and magic when traveling on their nautical dream journey.

What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter MYStarfire

A savvy captain

Never underestimate the importance of the person at the helm when it comes to choosing your dream superyacht. You want someone who is proud, passionate and can plan to perfection when it comes to showing you the world. A great captain will know where to glide into when chartering the French Riviera, will understand where to stop to ignite your imagination in the Caribbean and will always instill trust and ease whether at port or out on the seas.

What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter A savvy captain

A special crew

The people behind the scenes can make or break your superyacht experience and a great crew that can work seamlessly together is essential. Exquisite professionalism every moment, whether it’s as simple as handing you a fresh towel after your morning dip or providing silver service at your onboard dinner party, should be flawless and peppered with personal attention to detail.

What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter A special crew

The surroundings

Your superyacht charter will become your home away from home and the unique design should match your personal style. You want to bask in your surroundings with lavish luxuries like marble bathrooms, light and airy cabins, soothing hot tubs, stunning dining spaces and lots of areas for lounging, reading, sipping Long Island Iced Teas and watching the world drift by. Whether you want decadent luxury or simplistic calming colors, always be sure that the interior décor gives you a sense of sheer bliss when stepping inside.

What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter The surroundings

The sundeck

The sundeck will be one of the most important places where you will while away the hours out at sea. Beautiful sundecks should always offer shade, space and a few added extras whether it is a glittering aquamarine pool, a steaming hot tub, or an outdoor cinema. With billowing white canopies, polished wood and a tailored dining space, be sure to step out onto a sundeck that inspires delight.

What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter The sundeck

The dining

Divine dining is another essential aspect when seeking a fabulous superyacht experience and the reputation of the chef shouldn’t go unnoticed. You want to lavish in the land of food when sailing across the globe; colorful breakfast spreads, freshly prepared lunches and gourmet dinners with a twist of innovation to rekindle your love affair with taste will only serve to enhance your experience.

What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter The dining

Time to play

Exploring and relaxing aren’t the only things on offer when indulging in a superyacht charter and a great luxury yacht will have lots of amenities to encourage fun in the sun. Superyachts that come equipped with toys and tenders like jet skis, snorkeling equipment and kayaks can ensure that every day you relish in something different. Careening around the coast, paddling across lagoons and reeling in the big fish will help you make the most of life at sea.

What Makes a Great Superyacht Charter Time to play

A great superyacht is never comprised of one thing – the love and dedication that crafts the perfect environment, the experience and the energy the captain and staff bring to the table, all creates something special. MY Starfire is one of the world’s luxury superyachts that goes beyond the call to ensure memories are made that are sure to linger.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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