Mediterranean Spa Destinations on a Superyacht Charter

From wild hibiscus oil slathered on your skin to coconut infused wraps on the Riviera, a frothy Hamman scrub on Turkish tiles and intrinsic massage on the shores of Croatia, there is something about spa afternoons on the Mediterranean that are cloaked in the mist of sensual magic. Superyacht vacations blended with spa exploration can ensure that you get a stay that will leave you completely balanced.

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MY Starfire invites you to discover dreamy destinations where the pristine waters lap at the shore, spas are nothing short of five-star and back onboard you have your every wish and whim catered for. Imagine mornings draped in watery sunlight and mint juleps, afternoons designed around coastal exploration, city shopping and swimming and evenings celebrated with falling stars and supper soirees.

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For those times when you need a little pick me up, these Mediterranean spas will be calling you to drop anchor and enjoy…

Raffles, Istanbul

Turkish delights are a way of life, especially when it comes to escaping the hustle and bustle of the spice scented streets of Istanbul. In the sublime tranquility of the Raffles, you can indulge in the foaming lather of the traditional Hamam, you can slip into steam rooms and let cold water thunder around your head in the ice fountains.

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To deliver the cherry on the top, you can do all of this with astounding views across the twisted colors of Istanbul’s rooftops and stir like a cat in the abundance of natural light that seeps in. The blend of traditional inspired treatments reminds you of old Istanbul’s sultan roots and the modern oasis setting speaks of the new city – innovative, inspired and utterly unique. Leaving Raffles you are sure to float back to your superyacht where you can finish with mezze and a cooling cocktail on the sundeck.

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Anassa, Cyprus

The fragrant shores of Cyprus are a superyachters dream with their rolling pine forests, saltwater tingle, and olive groves that seem to stretch on forever. At the Anassa Hotel, you can find rose inspired treatments, Swedish massages, bougainvillea stem cell slimming treatments to put your body and your mind back on track.

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Limpid blue pools invite you to slip into cool waters away from the dizzying sun and the Roman inspired setting of whitewashed villas against a score of sapphire blue is enough to make you feel like Byzantium royalty. After spending the day hiking through the ancient olive groves and soaking in the queen like spa, a seafood supper and local wine are waiting to tempt you back on MY Starfire.

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Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

As cool and chic as the city itself, the Mandarin Oriental takes you away from the craze and the colors of Las Ramblas and offers a contemporary retreat for holistic rejuvenation. Pale creams and supple blacks offer a delectable environment sprinkled with soft lighting for dipping into purifying waters, enjoying tailor-made time rituals and being scrubbed to the bone with fresh muddled mint and mountain fresh sage.

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Oriental-inspired massages leave you with skin as soft as a geisha’s and synchronized four hands treatments ensures that not an inch of you goes untouched. Feeling as fresh and calm as a daisy, you can explore the vivacious port for a spot of shopping and tapas dining before heading back to MY Starfire for a signature cocktail in the Jacuzzi.

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Forte Village, Sardinia

Imagine a haven set in the sublime grace and beauty of Sardinia, a place where lush green envelopes the land, song-birds flutter in and out of the trees and the shimmering blues of the waters laugh and tinkle as they tumble from fountains. The Forte Village in Sardinia offers a place of scenic bliss, spend the morning diving from the sundeck into the famous green blue waters of Sardinia’s coastline before slipping into the natural oasis to be born again.

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Wild herbs permeate the air and are often hand plucked and used in the treatments, detox rituals purify and the wellness circuit takes you from the sea oil pool to bubbling water pools to completely enhance the experience of wellness by water.

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MY Starfire

The beautiful superyacht boasts its own tailor-made spa for discerning guests onboard. You don’t need to step ashore to soak up the bliss of hands on treatments. With the ocean as your garden you can indulge in healing massages, slip into the thick heat of the sauna, dip in the hot tub with a glass of champagne and end with a refreshing dive into the shimmering cool blue waters, no matter where in the world you are.

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