The Most Expensive Board Games for a Superyacht Night In

From sipping wine in the vineyards of Italy to snorkeling through sunken pirate ships of the Caribbean, you can be sure that with luxury superyacht charter vacations there is never a dull moment. The bliss of MY Starfire invites you out into the world to play, an oasis of entertainment you can spend your time diving from the swim deck, sipping frozen margaritas in the bubbling hot tub, indulging in a massage at the onboard spa, dining on freshly prepared gourmet food from your own private chef, and curling up to watch your favorite movie light up the silver screen at the open air cinema. Yet there may be nights when you don’t want to tread into the closest port, throw a supper soiree, or don your pearls and white gloves to party. On these nights nothing can compare to a vintage bottle of ruby red port, a cashmere blanket, and one of the most lavish board games you can find. For those who like their Monopoly and Battle Ship with a bit of flair, then the world’s most expensive board games may just excite you enough to take a seat and roll the dice.



Image: Inspired Treasures

Outrage Deluxe

It seems only fitting that a board game geared towards stealing the crown jewels would feature pieces curated from gold and silver, a polished French mahogany cabinet, and playing cards edged in gorgeously glitzy gold leaf. At a cost of over twenty thousand dollars you can be sure that Outrage Deluxe is nothing short of intricate in its majesty. The board represents the Tower of London and the aim of the game is to enter the tower and make off with one or more of the jewels without getting caught. The replica crown jewels brim with real sapphires, rubies, diamonds and emeralds, the travel case is of the most beautiful quality, and the Elizabethan Crown coins are also hallmarked in solid silver.



Image: CC Wikimedia Donarreiskoffer

Kiseido Imports Go Sets

At close to thirteen thousand dollars you can roll the dice and play this ancient Chinese game made of the most beautiful Zen materials you could wish for. The board is masame wood, the curved and smooth bowls are mulberry, and the stones are Yuki shell and the finest slate. The earthy look, the elegant touch, and the complex nature of the game ensures that these are boards that are certainly worth their weight in grain. The game of Go is considered one of the four arts of the Chinese gentleman, it is also an exquisitely well-played game in Japan and Korea whose boards come carved from different woods. This is the perfect game for playing with the late afternoon sun sliding across the aft deck of your luxury yacht charter, with a pre-dinner aperitif in hand.



Image: Charles Hollander Collection

The Charles Hollander Backgammon Set

Less a game and more a luxurious work of art, Charles Hollander are renown for taking standard board games and making them beautiful. This glorious backgammon set may set you back a lofty five million dollars but it is worth its weight in gold as Bernard Maquin used over sixty thousand sparkling black, gleaming white, and glimmering yellow diamonds and spent over ten thousand hours of labor creating this eastern inspired piece of pure revelry. The board is equally as ornate as the pieces and is handcrafted from pure silver. Pull out this bespoke backgammon board whilst sailing along Turkeys glittering Turquoise Coast listening to the melody of the call to prayer and supping on fresh fish and champagne for the ultimate exotic experience.



Image: Alan Barnett

Sidney Mobell Monopoly Set

If you love spending long hours curled up in the saloon and channeling your inner ruthless property tycoon, then the solid gold version of Monopoly will blow you out the water. Full cut diamonds, hotels with ruby rooftops, and even dices curated of solid gold ensures that you get to live life in the millionaire lane. The beautiful board was crafted by a San Francisco jeweler who wanted to do something a little different, it will set you back a cool two million dollars but the dice alone, which are encrusted with diamonds, are worth ten thousand. This is the perfect board game for those evenings when you have enjoyed a silver service dinner with your closest friends on the shores of Monaco and want a final flourish to your luxury yacht charter soiree.

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