Perfect Picnics for a Superyacht Sojourn

Life on a luxury yacht charter is all about embracing the sea, from the second you rise to the scent of fresh roasted coffee to the moment you fall back in an Egyptian cotton soft bed, the ocean is there for swimming, snorkeling, and staring at. When the sky is calm and the sun is warm, sometimes the lure of the land starts to call, from the secret sandy coves of the Caribbean to the remote patchwork hills of Italy, the deserted olive groves and ruined farmhouses of Greece, and the silver mists of Croatia’s waterfalls, these are the places tempting you to explore. My Starfire can glide across the waters to drop anchor close to these secret spots, with a first class Hinckley tender onboard the world becomes your pearly oyster, and no hidden tracks are closed for those who want to seek adventures far from the beaten path. Ask the world class chef on MY Starfire to dream up a glorious picnic, pack an ice cold bottle of champagne and discover a plethora of footprint free sands, deep rusty red forests, chalky white cliffs and golden hills with these superyacht sojourns onto land.

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Mezze and Mojitos
Start the day with a dip in the cool blues of the beautiful Mediterranean, followed by an afternoon exploring the old romantic tumble down churches and medieval mazes that make up the wealth of European coastal towns. Whether your luxury yacht charter is perched just off the glitzy shores of Monaco or whether you are island hopping around the white and blue islands of Greece, this is your chance to ramble, to sit and dream, and to taste some of the best mezze in the world. Think plump black olives, pungent and creamy goats cheese soaked in honey, fresh baked bread with a chewy edge, fat eggplants marinated in fresh and cool tzatziki, colorful tabbouleh, and spongy slices of cardamom and rosewater cake. Get the crew to shake you up a brown sugar and mint muddled mojito and hit the hills for an afternoon of grazing and gazing at the sun sinking like a red gem beneath the shimmering blue horizon.

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Champagne and Seafood
Sailing a luxury yacht charter in the glorious gauze of the Caribbean is something truly delectable in every sense of the word. Imagine mornings spent snorkeling the shallows of the Bahamas, afternoons shopping in the pretty boutique style ports of the British Virgin Islands, big game fishing out in turquoise depths, and spa treatments that ooze with the tropical scent of coconut and vanilla. With so many secluded pirate style bays and secret coves to access by My Starfire’s Jet Ski or Hinckley Tender you can pack a wicker basket full of wonders, grab a bottle or two of finest vintage champagne and find a special slip of sand to call your own. From fresh blue lobsters to soft and succulent crab meat, blushing pink shrimps and creamy avocado, signature ceviche that melts on the tongue leaving a wispy zest of lemon, and coconut soaked red snapper, while away the day with lashings of sunlight, the foamy cap of the sea, and the best fresh fish dishes you could every wish for.

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Farm Fresh and Vintage Wines
The Amalfi Coast and the pretty fragrant lavender fields of Provence provide a countryside oasis for exploring with a picnic blanket tucked under your arm and a basket in hand. Your luxury yacht charter My Starfire can drop anchor in the dazzling port of Capri or along the bespoke shores of the French Riviera and you can blend a glamourous high class life with a divine natural escape. Farm fresh foods and vintage wines go together like a hand in glove. In Italy you can fill your world with salty silky slips of prosciutto, focaccia that simply falls apart on the tongue, blistered tomatoes plucked from the vine, roman artichokes, and deep veined blue Gorgonzola cheese that ripens on the tongue. Pair these nibbles with a peachy fresh and bubbly bottle of Prosecco or a smooth and tangy white wine and you are in heaven. In Provence think crusty sticks, lashings of salted butter, cloying ripe brie and artisan ciders.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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