Peter Island: An Idyllic Paradise

Step off the beaten track and enter a serene oasis on the soft shores of Peter Island. With over 1800 acres of sugar soft sands, powder blue waters and tropical greenery, this private island will take your breath away.

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Being at the very top of the list when it comes to elite Caribbean escapes, you can spend endless days basking in bliss with beautiful palm fringed beaches, luxurious spa resorts and sunrise yoga sessions on the world’s softest sands.

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The pristine MY Starfire superyacht charter provides peaceful and opulent surroundings to explore the shores of Peter Island. The lavish living quarters and stylish sundeck are perfect for enjoying late night soirees beneath the stars, candlelit dinners crafted from the catch of the day and an endless vista for watching the shades of blue shimmer under the sun.

Peter Island An Idyllic Paradise MYStarfire

Colorful Coves and Crescent Sands

With no less than five fabulous beaches to explore, Peter Island is truly a dream desert island getaway. The harvest moon colored crescent of sand that makes up Deadmans Beach is the largest on the island and one of the most beautiful. From the shade of the deep green palms you can admire the woven sea of silky blues dotted with the white sails of yachts gliding across the surface.

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Honeymoon beach is the perfect smudge of sand for two especially when it comes to gasping at the flaming sunset colors flooding the lavender blue sky.

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Let the Day be your Oyster

Start the day with an island fresh breakfast on board your luxury superyacht before indulging in a spot of stretching and yoga on the sands to revive your soul.

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The day is your oyster on Peter Island; you can snorkel in the shallows, kayak or paddleboard around the coast, take a horticultural tour or simply sit back in a hammock and dream of pirate adventures as you gaze out across the shimmering shades of the bay.

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Melt Away with Perfect Pampering

No idyllic paradise would be complete without the chance to melt away with a spot of perfect pampering. The Spa at Peter Island boasts awe inspiring views across the bay and is modern, beautiful and blends ancient ritual with tropical treatments.

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Refresh all your senses with a signature massage, a sweet scented coconut rub, an invigorating tropical lime body bluff or the ultimate in luxury with a diamond facial. Take a whole day to treat your body, mind and soul with their drift away or seaside escape packages sure to leave your spirit, body and mind completely lifted.

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Divine Dining with a Touch of Magic

Being surrounded by the bounty of the sea and with local home-grown produce in the gardens, dining on Peter Island is a dream come true. The Tradewinds Restaurant is brimming with world famous chefs, innovative dishes, timeless style and a touch of Asian- Caribbean magic. The champagne is always on ice and perfect for pairing with Plantain Wrapped Locally Caught Snapper served with watermelon chutney.

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If you don’t want to leave the beach to dine then Deadmans Beach Bar and Grill can serve up fresh cocktails or ice cold beers with wood smoked pizza for a casual night beneath the stars. Yet the best place to dine has to be on the shores of your own private beach.

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Order a private table on the sands and let the salt water cool your toes as you dine in style and complete privacy.

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Award winning Captain Sputh knows all about ensuring superyacht guests find their perfect piece of paradise. MY Starfire is a dream inside a dream offering every little luxury you could wish for. Chartering to Peters Island will deliver a pristine adventure laced in sunlight, first class service and divine dining at every turn.


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