Planning a Caribbean Superyacht Wardrobe For Her

Lily white sands, cerulean waters, lazy hammocks strung between opened palmed trees and rustic rum shacks where the good vibes are always flowing – who doesn’t want to break away from the grip of winter and flee to the soft coral and calm islands of the Caribbean. Taking a super yacht charter across the baby blue to the mysteries of the Virgin Gorda, the mango ripe scent of Turks and Caicos, and the carnival colors of Trinidad and Tobago, is all about sand, sea, sweetness in the air and soaking up the serenity on My Starfire. Spend your mornings kayaking, snorkeling and discovering the coastline on a Jet Ski, spend afternoons sipping flaming rum drinks on the aft deck or take a tender to a private pirate cove for a fresh seafood barbeque. Even though you have taken the pace of life down a gear or two you may feel inclined to step your wardrobe up a notch to perfectly suit your environment. The sun baked breezes, the barefoot luxury, and the laid back beach life – this is the world you want to capture when packing for your super yacht charter to the shores of the Caribbean.

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Bikinis for Action Packed Adventures

Caribbean days aboard your super yacht charter can be so relaxed they are practically horizontal, but when you have the breathless wonder of the blue water for your own backyard it can tempt you off the sun lounger to splash and play all day. There is no doubt that with green blue sun dappled and warm waters you are going to want to get wet a lot which is why a beautiful bikini will probably be your daily staple in the wardrobe department. My Starfire boasts a sublime range of fast paced and fun fueled water toys and tenders, from snorkeling to diving to sea bobs and jet skis, you need a bikini that fits like a second skin, is tailored to comfort and won’t go wandering when you get hit by a wave. High waisted bottoms and bustier tops can be the perfect blend of blossoming beauty without the whimsical worry. Look to Stella McCartney and Prada sport for inspiration.

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Designer Maxi Dresses to Turn Heads on Shore

When sailing on a super yacht charter into the midst of the Caribbean, you can become so relaxed it can be hard to fall into the faff of going to town when it comes to style. Effortless sophistication is what is needed and this is where the magnificent maxi dress holds its own. The easy breezy style, the complementary feminine cuts, and the beautiful tropical prints seem to ooze superyacht appeal and slip over damp, salty and bronzed skin like a dream. Adriana Degreas pulls out some truly tropical prints and sultry cuts that are sure to be right at home in the shack bars of Barbados, especially when paired with bare footed beauty. For a style that shifts simply from the daylight hours to casual evenings you can choose something like the Paul and Joe Cambera Silk Gown or a gorgeous print by Roberto Cavalli.

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Pretty Playsuits for Intrepid Exploring

Jungle treks, lingering lobster lunches, horseback rides across the blazing plantations, designer shopping in the tax free havens of the Dutch islands and more – all these adventures call for something cool, chic and perfectly practical to wear. The playsuit is another dreamy, easy and simply stunning garment to turn to and again can easily be turned from a casual day time outfit into something a little dressier when the stars come out to play. During the day you can choose a cotton or silky design like the Valentino Animal Print, the Chloe Corduroy or the Rag and Bone sunshine yellow suit, pair it with sturdy shoes and a floppy hat and you are ready to explore the globe. During the evening something like the scalloped Red Valentino or the black seduction Diane Von Furstenberg is sure to match golden skin and bedazzle in the beach bars and casinos.

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