Planning a Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Wardrobe for Her

From the glittering lights of world class casinos lining the French Riviera to quaint and tiny trattorias clinging to the cliffs of Sicily, the flaming romance laden sunsets of Greece, and the wild and fragrant meadows of Madeira, the Mediterranean is a long and rambling poem for luxury yacht charter guests seeking a break away filled with blue flag beaches, colorful cuisine and lashings of culture. The weather hanging over the Med can tend to be a little more temperamental than its Caribbean counterpart, fair winds blow through the smattering of Greek Islands, the sun can beat down restlessly along the Amalfi Coast but at times the silver mist of drizzle and a flood of clouds can caress the sky. Knowing what to bring can keep you in check for every occasion and every kind of weather. Aboard MY Starfire you can welcome the grace of comfort and class, lounge on the sundeck in designer swimwear, attend formal dinner soirees in ties, tuxes and pearls, step ashore for shopping and picnics in billowing soft cotton dresses, and always maintain an air of sass and sophistication. Take a look at these tips to help plan the perfect luxury yacht charter wardrobe for sailing into the pale tapestry of the Med.

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Starlet Vintage Bikini Style

The casual and classy day time look that is sure to steal the show on a luxury yacht charter is to turn to inspiration from the timeless greats like Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot who adored to splash on the shores of Europe’s glitzy Riviera’s. Dolce and Gabanna do some gorgeous vintage floral print bikinis that will certainly inspire you to swim, splash and sunbathe. Pair with oversized sunglasses, a floppy hat, Greek sandals of the softest brown leather and a pale linen or billowing cotton tunic and you have a truly mesmerizing image that perfectly complements the iced white yacht and the glittering blue sea.

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Summery Sophisticated Sightseeing

Stepping ashore in the whirlwind of hidden gems scattered across the Med and you are to be blown away by the beauty of ancient churches, sleepy villages, winding medieval streets, artful masterpieces and darling little boutiques. Make sure that you are packed and prepared for every land bound occasion. Summer dresses can go a long way when the weather is bright and balmy, choose soft pastel colors and clean lines and pick garments that fall in feminine grace around the knee especially if you want to visit places of holy worship. Bring a beautiful cashmere or silk wrap to drape over your shoulders as many churches in Europe have rules about bare skin.

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When Fair Winds Turn Foul

Sailing on your luxury yacht charter in the summer months is more than often going to be a time drenched in sunshine. Yet there may be times when the good weather turns its back on you scattering the sky with storms and showers. Bad weather days on a superyacht don’t have to be a drag, MY Starfire boasts its own spa, onboard cinema, luxurious lounge and more to keep your energy satiated and entertained. However on these days you may not feel like donning summer dresses and bikinis. Pack a pair of pale linen trousers, a few tapered and tailored vests and a thin sweater. Layers can be the perfect way to go allowing you to pull something soft and close when you are feeling the chill and to strip back down to bronzed skin when the sun shyly peeps from behind the clouds.

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Supper Soirees Drenched in Style

Dressing up along the pearl like Med when the stars come out seems to be the norm, from fast rolling casinos to lavish parties on neighboring yachts, casual suppers in sweet Michelin starred restaurants and beautiful clubs where the cocktails and celebrities blaze all night. Step out in chic style with an elegant fitted dress, choose something with a dark floral print for a casual affair or go back to simple black with A line style. Pair with elegant black heels and go for a touch of gold when it comes to your accessories for a timeless look that oozes appeal. Don’t forget to invest in a gorgeous designer black blazer, a beautifully tailored cape, or an elegant fur trim poncho to keep the evening sea salt breeze from dampening your spirits.

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