Planning a Superyacht Escape to Regain your Balance

Jet setting on the red eye for business meetings, catching up with friends in far flung city destinations, bespoke charity dinners and gala events, lengthy investments, long conversations, and deciding where to celebrate the holidays, life in the modern world can sometimes be a one track road to burnout. Sometimes there is nothing more rewarding then cutting loose, taking time out and planning a tranquil luxury superyacht charter to regain your balance. Superyachts are the dreamiest environments for when you really want to get away, the silence and solitude of the saltwater, the endless ebb and flow of the tide, the sun dancing with the moon, and blissful beaches without another soul in sight. These are the moments to stop, to ponder, to linger and take time for yourself once more. My Starfire is a heavenly retreat for those who want peace, a serene floating oasis where you can be pampered and purified at the spa, where you can eat glorious fresh and healthy food, where you can sleep sweetly in cool cotton sheets, and where you can curl up with a book in the sun free from the weight of responsibility. Those seeking to regain a little harmony can plan a superyacht escape into the setting sun.

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Detox menu
Delectable dining on board a luxury superyacht charter is always designed to cater towards your every need. Whether you want to indulge in champagne and truffle chocolates or if you prefer to keep the menu as fresh and zesty as can be, the chef of My Starfire knows how to satiate your taste buds every time you sit at the table. Those seeking a detox are sure to be in their element, imagine freshly plucked pineapple and mango juices on sugar coated Caribbean afternoons, Sicilian lemons squeezed to the final drop, and blood oranges bleeding their glorious crimson color into a glass with ice first thing in the morning. Start your superyacht day with Bulgarian yoghurt as thick as ice cream, Greek honey drizzled in its golden glow, and fruits from market. Lunch on salads and herbs picked from the Italian countryside, tomatoes that have blistered in the sun and fresh range chickens from the villages. For supper think seafood hauled in that very same day, beautifully select cuts of meat, and plump vegetables brimming with vitamins and minerals.

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Yoga on the sundeck
Along with dining on dream foods a superyacht charter like My Starfire boasts an incredible array of activities to keep your heart pumping and your pulse beating strong. Pairing high adrenaline sports like water skiing and diving with contemplative quiet practices can help your body and your mind fall seamlessly into place. Every morning before the sun broils and burns in the sky you should take an hour for yoga on the sundeck. Sun salutations with the warm deck beneath bare feet, the candy floss colors blooming in the sky, and the meditative sound of gulls calling alongside the music of the waves, this is the perfect way to welcome another day on board My Starfire.

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Switch off
Life aboard a superyacht charter can deliver the ultimate luxury that money cannot buy – the tantalizing gift of time. You can completely switch off from responsibility and all expectations, this is your chance to take more than a few moments for you. Take an early morning saltwater swim before another soul stirs, linger lovingly over brunch newspapers with coffee, let the on board masseuse scrub you with lotus flowers and thick heady vanilla, spend a whole day island hopping and snorkeling in baby blue bays, play a long game of chess in the evening with a quality bottle of whisky at your side, or snuggle up and watch your favorite films on the big screen with My Starfire’s sundeck cinema.

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Select destinations
Part of planning your great escape on a superyacht charter is choosing the dreamy destinations that suit your mood. With Captain Sputh at the helm the world is truly your oyster, those seeking a serene sojourn can opt to discover the balmy breezes and tiny outer islands of the Bahamas, or head for the sundrenched pine needled shores of Greece, the winding ribbon like fjords, icy mountains and mystical lights of Norway, or the sweet rhythms of Provencal life on the French Riviera.

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
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