Planning an A List Experience on your Superyacht

Luxury yacht charters seem to be synonymous with the celebrity lifestyle, scattered through the glossy magazines are endless images of Hollywood stars and starlets partying on their superyachts with sun-kissed skin and lashings of champagne. From the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, to the moonlight and rum shores of the Bahamas, the superyacht lifestyle is one that seems to sit well on the shoulders of the rich and famous. My Starfire is one of those luxury yacht charters that oozes with the essence of wealth and wonder. From the sumptuous hints of the oriental lingering in the décor to the world class captain and crew, the state of the art outdoor cinema, and the touch of teak and marble at every turn, this is a superyacht that turns to starlight as it glides gracefully across the sea. For those seeking the ultimate A list luxury experience, you can take a glimpse at these hints for how to be a celebrity on My Starfire.

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Champagne welcome

As soon as you set foot on your dream luxury yacht charter you should start how you mean to go on. Imagine waving farewell as you watch the dock get smaller and smaller, imagine the welcoming smiles from the crew glowing with authentic warmth, imagine the vintage champagne beading with ice, the flutes sparkling in the sun and the seamless silver trail you leave as you embark on your beautiful adventure out to sea. Nibbling on bright and delectable appetizers, sipping the finest bubbles, and even taking an immediate dip in the gorgeous Jacuzzi whilst watching the sky crinkle and crease with the colors of iris and gold, this is the only way to be welcomed into the blissful world of superyachts.


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Silver service

Live the life of a Russian aristocrat as you sit down to sweeping silver service as you anchor only a stone’s throw from a supremely exotic destination. Immersed in a precious world of crystal, silver, fine bone china and snow white linen, you can gather with good friends and laugh loud and clear into the night. The chef onboard luxury yacht charter like My Starfire can curate dazzling menus that seem to pull together a universe of extraordinary flavors, evocative colors and the freshest local ingredients handpicked from the surrounding farmlands, pastures, paddocks and sea. The well-heeled stewards glide surreptitiously around the table, discreetly filling glasses, carrying platters of the finest cooked foods and ensuring that every guest is perfectly pampered and purely comfortable.


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On board pampering

Living the A list lifestyle can be high maintenance but fortunately a luxury yacht charter delivers all the love and attention you need to feel fine. Superyachts like My Starfire boast an on board spa, hands on masseuse, sauna and hot tub you can get a gorgeous glow whenever you need it. Imagine sea salt, lemon and rosemary scrubs of the shores of Sicily, the pine fragranced warmth of a sauna as you cruise the Norwegian fjords, an exquisite facial before the film festival in Cannes and a deep tissue Swedish massage after a morning swim in the deliciously warm waters of the Virgin Gorda.


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Special requests

Life on a luxury yacht charter is all about feeding your whims, desires and dreams. For the crew of My Starfire nothing is too big or too small. Whether you want a live rock and roll band or a symphony orchestra on deck for your next summer’s eve soiree, your favorite scotch flown in from the Outer Hebrides, a helicopter ride to the fashion capital of Milan or to seek out secluded hard to access shores, these are just a taste of what the A list experience is all about. Superyacht captains can rival the best concierges across the globe and as long as the tides are safe and the weather sweet, the world and the seven seas truly can become your oyster and anything is possible.


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Photo shoot

If you are feeling a little creative and fancy turning your face to the camera, then you can embrace all the glory of the red carpet with a special photo shoot on deck. Ask the crew about calling in a photographer, indulge in a little pampering and then step out on deck feeling fine. From glitzy high class shots on the superyachts deck to action shots as you Jet Ski around the golden carved coast or dive down to touch the coral, from family portraits of everyone laughing in the glorious sunlight to romance laden memories of moonlit picnics, these are photographs that you can treasure forever.

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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