Planning the Perfect Corporate Charter on your Superyacht

Superyacht charters are undeniably linked with play, whether it’s clinking champagne glasses and setting sail with your loved one into the Caribbean sunset or taking the family for a desert island treasure hunt in the pirate bays of the beautiful Bahamas. Yet superyachts can be the perfect environment for planning a corporate event and mixing the bounty of business with the perks of pleasure.

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All businesses need to break away from the office sometime, the whir of the air con; the constant ringing of phones and the pressures of the corporate world can cause a company to slump when instead it should be soaring. Planning a superyacht getaway on MY Starfire can help to rekindle the fire of inspiration so that your industry can burn bright.

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The Perks of a Perfect Environment

There are tons of ways in which superyachts can be the best environment for perfecting business strategy. Whether you are using the luxuries of a superyacht as a corporate strategy to incite better results from your top staff or whether you are using the perks of being out in the midst of the blue sea to strike up a deal with another top level CEO, you truly couldn’t wish for a better environment tailored to meet your absolute needs.

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Free From Outside Distractions

The beauty of using superyachts for corporate charters is the fact that you have the best of both worlds, when you want to entertain your clients or your guests you can take the jet skis out for an exciting adventure around the coast of Malta, you can offer champagne in the hot tub, wine tasting on the aft deck, supper soirees with concerto violinists close to the shores of Monaco and a quick trip to the famous golf resorts scattered across the British Virgin Isles.

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Yet when you need to nail a contract, hash out some new ideas or have a one to one conversation you can be completely free of distractions from the outside world. You can brunch in beautiful surroundings without having to stop to speak to acquaintances or passersby. Quality time is what makes true business connections and when you choose a superyacht charter you get just that.

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Sumptuous Surroundings for Everyone

It’s essential that you choose the right superyacht when it comes to planning a corporate charter. You want a yacht that boasts a superior level of service, incredible amenities and knows how to cater for the corporate world. Don’t forget that you need to plan carefully when it comes to sleeping quarters as giving the grandest room to someone could be taken in the wrong way by others. Ensure that if you have several important CEO’s or guests onboard that you choose a yacht that offers more than enough sumptuous cabins to keep everyone happy.

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Seamless Tailored Service

The idea of a luxury superyacht is to indulge in the fantasy and to make a lasting impression, particularly if you are trying to win an important contract. You should ensure that the superyacht and the crew can cater to these wishes. The design is in the details and the little things like ensuring the superyacht can stock your guests’ favorite Russian vodka or score exclusive access to one of the best spots in Monaco can make all the difference.

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Choosing a yacht that has a tight knit crew and a reputable captain is even more important than choosing the yacht itself. A team with a strong command of service can make the whole escape an effortless joy free from worry and the pressures of planning, leaving you and your guests to go about business as planned.

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MY Starfire is an absolute dream for planning perfect corporate events, boasting state of the art surroundings, a plethora of edgy water toys and tenders and unrivalled service every moment on the high seas. Discuss the details over freshly brewed coffee, unravel your worries in the onboard spa and enjoy evenings beneath the stars with cognac and cigars as you charter to some of the world’s trendiest destinations.

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